mercredi 11 août 2010

Great Britain: HorseHage for Team GBR horses sets off for WEG in Kentucky - Full Article

Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news
11 August, 2010

Team GBR's horses may not be flying out to the World Equestrian Games (WEG) until mid September, but their feed is on its way.

This week, supplies of HorseHage — which has supplied the British equestrian team since 1984 — was loaded into containers and has set off for Kentucky.

The team at Fox Feeds Ltd in Hertfordshire, a regional licensed HorseHage producer, pitched in to load a container with High Fibre HorseHage and Rygrass. It will be now be shipped out to the US in advance of the Team GB horses' arrival.

British World Class performance director Will Connell said: "We are very grateful to Marksway HorseHage for their support of Team GBR...

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jeudi 29 juillet 2010

Great Britain: Scottish Endurance Riding Championships 2010 - Full Article

Published on Monday 19th July 2010

While searching through the internet one evening looking for shows to take my horses to I came across a link to the Scottish endurance riding club (SERC) and noticed an event taking place at Scone palace which is not far from us at all. I have had a number of people asking me over the last few years about the suitability of friesian horses for endurance, although I see no reason why a Friesian could not be used for endurance riding I could not say that I knew of any as I had never taken an interest in this sport. I read through the SERC website and thought this may be the perfect opportunity to give it a go as the Scottish championships were to be held from the 16 and 18th July at Scone palace.

As I was completely new to this I decided to do the non competitive ride on the friday which I believe was 21k. I rode Oscar and we were joined by my mother riding her mare Silke, Kirsty Moore who rode our 8 year old mare Iris and Roland Holmes who rode his own Friesian mare Sarina, bought from Friesians Scotland two years ago. We were all looking forward to the ride, three of us had no experience of endurance/pleasure rides but our fourth rider Kirsty kept us right. Kirstys usual mount is a 13.2hh Icelandic pony and so our 16hh Friesian mare Iris was quite a big difference in height and the length of stride took some getting used to but the pair got along very well together. I have to say the whole experience was great, all four of us really enjoyed the ride and most importantly so did the horses which makes such a big difference...

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Great Britain: Mirfield horse rider Susi saddles up for Mongol Derby - Full Article 26 July 2010 A horse rider from Mirfield is preparing for the challenge of her life as she heads to Mongolia to take part in a 600 mile dash on horseback. Susi Sadler is one of just a handful of British riders joining the epic race across the bleak Mongolian Steppe. Susi is back in the saddle after being thrown off her horse, Rudi, and suffering a serious facial injury. She says: "Doing this will really prove to me that I'm back riding and back to how I was before the accident." Twenty-eight-year-old Susi is hoping that racing in the Mongol Derby will raise money for Operation Smile, a charity which helps children across the world who suffer from facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates... Read more here:

mercredi 7 juillet 2010

Great Britain: Endurance champs for Riding Clubs returns - Full Article

July 8, 2010

Britain's Riding Clubs Endurance Championships have returned after seven years, as a result of the growing popularity of endurance as a competitive equestrian sport.

The championships started in 1998 and, organised by experienced endurance rider and organisers, John and Jane Hudson, ran for 6 years at the popular Alfred's Tower ride. The competition was well supported by local riding clubs and attracted 18 to 20 teams, around 80 riders, mainly from the south west, but was stopped when the Alfred's Tower Ride ceased.

Following their move to the West Country, John and Jane started a new ride to the east of Exmoor and decided to reinvent the riding clubs Championship...

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mercredi 30 juin 2010

Great Britain: Alison Saunders has reached the Summit of Kilimanjaro

30th June 2010

ALISON SAUNDERS HAS REACHED THE SUMMIT OF KILIMANJARO..... all in aid of fundraising for the British Endurance Team for WEG

It’s not just EGB members who are involved in the fundraising for our British Team this year...

Alison Saunders, friend of Nicky Sherry and supporter of endurance riding, is raising funds through sponsorship to climb Kilimanjaro...

Alison Saunders started her climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro around the 20th of June . Alison lives very close to Nicky and uses Bodmin Moor as part of her training. Most weekends Nicky has caught her up while she is striding across the moor and she has been able to catch up on how her training is going. Nicky tells us that “over the last few months she has increased the distance she walks carrying a rucksack on her back with around 5/6 kgs of weight in it. Apart from this she is training in the gym, attending spinning classes (static cycling), weight training, using the cross trainers and training walks. She works near to the Quantocks and so has been up there striding across the hills as well. Last week she had a week’s holiday and managed to cover around 60 miles walking!! She is very dedicated to the cause and I have every confidence that she will complete the climb - the only obstacle in her path being that she will not know until she gets there whether she will suffer from altitude sickness.”

Alison has become an expert in not only getting herself fit and her diet but in carrying lightweight articles of all clothing. Nicky has had many a conversation on this with her and it is quite incredible what you can get. Alison works in the NHS and has got a lot of support from fellow work mates and so we are now asking you to put your hands into your pockets and supporting Alison by giving a few pence towards her success and helping our team in their quest in Kentucky.

Simply make a donation through the Kentucky Fundraising page on the Endurance GB website -

mercredi 9 juin 2010

Spain: Kaliber Fair Play in Andalucia - Mas

Juego Limpio en el Kaliber-Andalucia

Ya han sido comunicado los resultados de los once controles Antidoping que se realizaron en el V Kaliber-Andalucia.

Los resultados de todos ellos han dado NEGATIVO.

Se hicieron controles a ganadores de etapas, por sorteo y a caballos con problemas anteriores a la etapa en la que se les controló. Y todos ellos han dado el resultado que todos los aficionados a los caballos y a la resistencia en particular deseamos...

They have already been communicated the results of the eleven drug test conducted in the V Kaliber-Andalucia.

The results of all tested negative.

Checks were made to winners of stages by drawing horses and previous problems to the stage in which they controlled. And they all have the result that all horse lovers and we want the resistance in particular...

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mercredi 26 mai 2010

Great Britain: Endurance test awaits in opening event of season

Published Date: 26 May 2010
THE West Riding group of Endurance GB is holding its first event of the season at Wharncliffe Chase, near Sheffield, on June 12 and June 13 There will be something to suit all abilities, from an 80km competitive ride to a 27km pleasure ride, in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

There is practically no road work involved and the rides go along old railway lines and woodland tracks.

This year the event will also be a qualifier for the British Riding Clubs' Endurance Championships which will be held at Southwell racecourse in September.

For more details go to or call Jeni Gilbert on 01484 863506.

If you have ever thought about trying TREC, there is a chance to have a go at Frickley near Doncaster on June 12 and 13.

This competition combines a variety of skills from orienteering on horseback to a cross-country course with a difference.

More information is available on the BHS website at under TREC.

samedi 22 mai 2010

Golden Girls - Nicky Moffat - Full Article

Horse&Rider’s Editor, Nicky Moffatt swaps 20-metre circles for 25-mile ones, as she tackles the celebrity/media ride at this year’s Golden Horseshoe Ride on Exmoor

Rewind to May 2009. I'm in a marquee in the middle of Exmoor, presenting the awards at the Golden Horseshoe Ride. Suddenly, in passing, the PR guy for the ride, Peter Jeffrey says, ‘we could get you a horse to do the ride on next year if you like?'. Without really giving it much thought I replied ‘Oh yes that would be great fun!', and to be honest I went home and didn't really give it much more thought. You know how these things get mentioned and then you never hear another word about it, well that's how it seemed in this case. That was until earlier this year, when I was informed that not only had they (the organisers Barbara Wigley and her daughter Nic) found me a great horse to ride around the course in 2010, but they'd set up a celebrity/media class! ‘Editors from well-known equestrian magazines or websites are going to pair up with top endurance riders and tackle a 25-mile course on Exmoor on the last day of the Golden Horseshoe Ride,' they informed me, and that included me.

So training began...

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jeudi 20 mai 2010

Great Britain: My Golden Horseshoe Ride — and all that Jazz - Full Story Lucy Higginson, H&H Editor 19 May, 2010 'And this is Jazz' said a smiling Karen Jones, one of GB's leading endurance riders, handing me a diminutive chestnut 14-year-old arab. But I know how tough these little horses are, and was soon to be reminded of it. Like many things in horses, Exmoor's Golden Horseshoe Ride — a legendary 100-mile challenge — has reinvented itself in recent times. Most participants come to tackle still challenging but shorter rides, including a 50-mile one-day ride, and a 50-miler split across two days, rather than the main 100-mile whopper. This year, the enterprising Golden Horseshoe team persuaded several equestrian journalists to take part in a 25-mile ride at race pace, and thoughtfully secured brilliant weather for it... Read more here:

vendredi 7 mai 2010

Great Britain: Top prospects for Golden Horseshoe endurance ride - Full Article

May 8, 2010

Despite numbers being hit by the long winter holding up fitness preparation, competition is likely to be stiff at this year's 160km (100 miles) Golden Horseshoe Ride over Exmoor.

Fourteen riders have entered the premier class, eight in the 80km (50 miles) class and an unprecedented 56 in the Exmoor Experience ride of 25 miles on each of two days. The maximum 100 riders have already entered for the 15 mile training/sponsored ride and organisers have opened a waiting list.

"This is much as I expected," said ride organiser Barbara Wigley. "The terrible weather last winter, which went on and on, held up training programmes for a lot of people and I don't suppose we are the only early-season ride to suffer on entries for the longer classes."

The meeting, which runs from May 16 to 18, is again based at Exford, at the heart of Exmoor.

Among the Golden Horseshoe entries is Gillian Talbot and her arabian Malabar Storm, from Chepstow. Gillian's experience of the ride goes back to 1993 and includes Gold and Silver awards.

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dimanche 2 mai 2010

Great Britain: Riders enjoy sunny weather with Endurance South West - Full Article

Friday, April 30, 2010

Members of Endurance South West and pleasure riders have been out in force this month, enjoying the sunny weather and training rides both in Devon and Cornwall.

The Ladock Ride, near Truro, which is always very popular, had more than 80 riders taking part. The 16km (10 miles) route is a delightful mixture of woodland tracks and grassy fields. It winds around Trendeal Hill, before crossing the lane into St Enoder and Ladock Woods.

The going this year was somewhat muddier than usual but, as usual, it was a delightful ride. The last uphill canter across the downs above Trendeal is the highlight of the route, which all the horses and ponies enjoy.

The introduction of the Pony Club Endurance Scheme last year is encouraging more Pony Club members to take part in endurance rides. Out on their ponies at Ladock were 12-year-old Emily Lyndon, of Scarsewater, on Rosie and her friend 10-year-old Tegan Noy of Ladock, on her pony Flax. Both are members of the North Cornwall Pony Club. Thanks must go to the Duchy of Cornwall and farmer, Bob Strongman, for allowing the ride to take place over their land.


jeudi 29 avril 2010

British Team Development Squad in Belgium

26th April 2010

The squad is going to Mont le Soie, Belgium leaving the UK on wednesday 28th April. They will be riding in the 120k 2* ride on Sunday 3rd May. Team details .....

Larissa Whiley - Ben Shah
Sue Rich - Czako
Heather Whiteley - Shafabah
Claire Bruce - Ah Diba
Louise Rich - Cziko
Charlotte Hirst - WFA Leena

All riding in the 120k 2* ride on Sunday 3rd May

lundi 26 avril 2010

Florac is back

hyppoblog - C’est fait. L’association Lozère Endurance Équestre organisera, à Florac, le Championnat d’Europe 2011. Une victoire méritée, après une année entière de campagne administrative, chemin de croix des organisateurs candidats à ce genre de manifestation big size… D’abord, obtenir le soutien indispensable des institutions locales. Ensuite, répondre aux exigences de la Fédération Française d’Équitation (FFE). Enfin, séduire la Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI). L’année, alors, passe vite. Jusqu’à ce mois de mars dernier, où Ian Williams (responsable technique FEI), Nicky Kennedy (responsable FFE à l'international) et Jean-Louis Leclerc (sélectionneur national) sont venus juger sur place de la pertinence d’une candidature historique. Car Florac, c’est l’histoire – le berceau d’une endurance qui entre aujourd’hui dans l’âge adulte. C’est LA course. Dure. Le froid, la montagne, la pierre. Inéluctable. L’ambiance, la gloire, le plaisir. Course mythique, héroïque, anti-arithmétique. La distance ne s’y compte pas en kilomètres, mais en pas, dont chacun rapproche de l’arrivée, du Graal. Peut-être même davantage qu’une course, un symbole. Celui, pour Ian Williams, d’un retour aux « qualités d’antan » de l’endurance. En d’autres termes, ceux de Jean-Louis Leclerc, le retour à « une course de cavaliers plutôt qu’une course de chevaux ». Retour aux sources, donc. Celles d’une discipline qui mêle sport, aventure et géographie. Mais cette version de l’endurance est-elle soluble dans le futur, tourné vers des courses plates, rapides et sableuses ? En matière de message, le choix de Florac n’est sans doute pas anodin. L’Europe reste le fief de l’endurance. C’est elle qui fixe les règles. Pas les pays émergents de la discipline – Dubaï, Qatar, UAE. Pourtant, Tartas s’est gagnée cette année à 26Km/h, Huelgoat à 24… Néanmoins le problème ici n’est pas de savoir qui a raison, mais plutôt de relever ceci : chaque course attire ses cavaliers, qui eux-mêmes réagissent à des motivations différentes – la passion, l’argent, l’image, le classement, l’habitude, l’aligot. Chaque course a sa place sur le circuit international. Par contre ce choix de Florac, qui reste une excellente nouvelle et démontre les qualités d’une organisation pérenne, révèle une évolution. Le Championnat d’Europe semble se forger une identité, un code ADN. Une identité forcément et naturellement européenne, attachée à une tradition, à des valeurs, à une méthode. Mais cette personnalité européenne, forte et attachante, ne doit pas venir s’opposer à celle, plus contemporaine, d’un circuit mondial autrement abordé. À chacun sa culture, et à chacun sa nature – le désert ne se traverse pas comme une forêt de pins. Le Championnat du Monde, alors, ne doit pas ressembler à l’échéance européenne. Aux cavaliers de choisir, l’un, l’autre ou les deux. Sans hiérarchie. Sans jugement. Sans contrainte. Et les fédérations n’y peuvent rien, hormis s’adapter à la situation, ouverte comme jamais… En attendant, rendez-vous demain soir à Florac pour fêter l’événement à travers un rituel historiquement européen et génétiquement français : boire ensemble une coupe de champagne.

jeudi 8 avril 2010

Spain: Presentacion Oficial del V Kaliber-Andalucia.

El Raid Blog Esta manana en la sede central de la Cruz del Campo en Sevilla, se ha presentado oficialmente el V Kaliber-Andalucia con la presencia de D. Manuel Jimenez Barrios, Secretario General para el Deporte Consejeria de Turismo, Comercio y Deporte de la Junta de Andalucia; D. Diego Antonanzas de Toledo, Director de Sponsoring y Eventos de Imagen de Heineken España y de D. Jose Manuel Soto Alarcon como alma mater del Kaliber-Andalucia. Empezo el acto con la presentacion oficial del Cartel anunciador del V Kaliber-Andalucia. Posteriormente tomo la palabra Jose Manuel Soto el cual presento el video del Raid confeccionado con bellas imagenes de Kaliber anteriores. Tambien informo del recorrido por los bellos parajes andaluces y de las dificultades generales que estos ultimos tiempos estamos pasando, pero que a pesar de todo, sigue adelante este bello evento ecuestre. This morning at the headquarters of the Cruz del Campo in Seville, has officially launched the V-Kaliber Andalucia with the presence of D. Manuel Jimenez Barrios, Secretary General for Sport Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Sports of the Junta de Andalucia, D. Antonanzas Diego de Toledo, Director of Sponsoring & Events Image Heineken Spain and D. Jose Manuel Soto Alarcon alma mater as the Kaliber-Andalucia. Empezo the event with the official launch of the V Poster Kaliber-Andalucia. Later, speaking Jose Manuel Soto who presented the video of the raid made with beautiful images of previous Kaliber. Also reported the tour of the beautiful places in Andalusia and the general difficulties in recent times we are passing, but nevertheless, keep going this beautiful equestrian event. Then responsible for Kaliber spoke in Andalucia, as one of the leading proponents of this Raid and meaning the magnificent views of the event. Cerro the act the Secretary General for Sport of the Junta de Andalucia, reminding the union that unites him with Jose Manuel in the Raid, because since the first Al-Andalus, is supporting the sport, which provides information to Andalucia by worldwide. At the close of this presentation, they gave us all the wizard with glasses of beer, accompanied by rich viands prepared by Gambrinus school students with a good ham from our friend Maximilian.

jeudi 1 avril 2010

Great Britain: All abilities and ages hit road for endurance event - Full Article

Thursday, April 01, 2010

T HE Wadebridge endurance ride is the longest running ride in the South West, having taken place every year since the 1970s.

It is always the first competitive ride of the season and for many endurance riders, it is the start of the 'serious' stuff.

With its mixture of roadwork, forestry and tracks, it also makes a good ride for young horses or riders doing 32km (20 miles) for the first time. The steady roadwork to checkpoint one, particularly the long hill up to Burlawn, takes the edge off the excited horses before they reach the faster tracks in the forestry.

This part of the route is then followed by a mixture of lanes and tracks, before the long uphill stretch back to the Royal Cornwall Showground. This brings the horses back to the finish and the final vetting at a sensible pace.

One rider who was giving her four- year-old Arab stallion, Silver Zaanif, his very first outing, was Jemma Jackson, from St John near Torpoint.

"He is a pleasure to ride, interested in everything but so laid back," she said. "We had a fabulous ride.

"Everything at the venue was so peaceful and mellow, and all the other riders and the officials were friendly and welcoming.

"We shall definitely come again although I am only getting him out and about occasionally this year, he's too young to do much and I intend to bring him on slowly."

Silver Zaanif, who is 100 per cent Crabbet bred (traditional line of English breeding), is expecting his first foal later this month, out of a bay Crabbet mare imported from Australia, called Palma Benay.

The main sponsor for the Wadebridge ride was Sweet Meadow Horse Feeds, who donated a prize for the Best Conditioned horse in each class, as judged by the veterinary team at the final vetting. Equus Health gave prizes for the Best Turned Out horses and riders. Donations were collected for Shelter Box, who gave a display of the contents of the boxes sent out to disasters worldwide.

In the 64km class, Rachael Sargent and Drummer won the Best Turned out prize and Michael Stone and MC Lorenzo won the Best Conditioned prize. In the 50km class, Julia Wolfendale and Eluard were the Best Turned Out and Frances Webster's Jesta was the Best Conditioned horse. In the Novice 50km class Carolyn Thomas with Meneth Crystal Rose won both awards.

In the 32km class, Dee Hall with Firefly Imp, was the Best Turned Out and Kazaway ridden by Jane James was the Best Conditioned. In the 32km novice Class, Katie Came-Johnson and Pompei won the Best Turned Out prize for the second year running and Ginny Gidley's Desert Kudoss was the Best Conditioned.

The Best Shod Horse of the day was Ally McBeal, ridden by Tamsin Swiddles, who won a prize for their farrier.

The next competitive ride in the South West will be Blue Chip St Meubred's on Sunday, April 25.

Before this, there are three short training rides, the Fal Valley Clay Ride, Ladock and the Broadbury Ride. For details and entry forms visit

mercredi 31 mars 2010

Haras d'Uzès: the only national studfarm in the South of France

Haras (stud-farm) founded in 1972, the Haras d'Uzes is one of 23 French national stud farms and has in excess of 70 horses of different breeds, including Arab and English. It is also used by long-distance horse riders.

The purpose of national stud farms is to administer the breeding of horses from production to use and as such to ensure gene pool preservation and enhancement, to exercise authority over horse-racing and betting and to contribute to the development of horsemanship.

Haras1 The National Stud Farm (or Haras) of Uzès is the only one for the Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur and Corsica regions. The facilities are modern and include two large-sized riding stables, two outdoor schools for the studs, an arena and offices. The Stud Farm can be toured every afternoon from 2PM to 5PM (except Sundays) from March 15th to July 1st (breeding season). Guided tours on horseback are organized from June to September on Tuesday and Thursday. These tours are organized year round with reservations for groups. Phone: +33 (0)4 66 22 68 88.

It is at the Haras d'Uzes that Lucien Gruss, a master of schooling and a passionate horseman, has installed his nineteen stallions and team for the past four years...

Read more here.

jeudi 25 mars 2010

Cambio de nombre del Raid Kaliber Al-Andalus

El Raid Blog - Gabriel Gamiz
miercoles 24 de marzo de 2010

Este nuevo V Raid Kaliber Tierras de Al-Andalus, ha cambiado de nombre, a partir de ahora pasa a llamarse RAID KALIBER-ANDALUCIA. Esperamos que con el cambio de denominacinn, se aun mas grande y fabuloso Raid, que recorre Andalucia de parte a parte, descubriendo todos sus bellos paisajes, que este ano, estaran tapizado de un verde especial y de algunos mantos de agua, que es vida para el campo.

This new V Kaliber Land Raid Al-Andalus, has changed its name, from now renamed KALIBER RAID-ANDALUCIA. We hope that with the change of name, is even bigger and fabulous Raid, which crosses Andalucia from side to side, discovering all its beautiful landscapes, which this year will be a special green trim and a few coats of water, which is life for the field.

Great Britain: Riders pass on secrets of their endurance - Full Article

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SOME of the best endurance riders in the South West were at the Wellbeck Equestrian Centre, Exeter, last weekend, to pass on the secrets of their success.

Endurance riders competing internationally in ERs and FEI events ride distances of up to 160km (100 miles) in a day. This demands a very high level of fitness for both horse and rider and is a quite different experience from the graded rides up to 80km (50 miles) that the most endurance riders take part in.

Among the senior and elite endurance riders there was Kay Palme, from Launceston, who demonstrated dressage for the endurance horse, Shepton Mallet's Christine Yeoman, who talked on achieving horse fitness for the longer rides, and Nicky Sherry, from St Breward, who explained the different rules of ERs and crewing essentials for success.

Annie Joppe, of Goonhavern, and Karen Jones, of Culmstock, who are both South West members of the Endurance GB Elite Squad of riders, had brought their horses, Fantom and Macademia, to demonstrate crewing techniques. They also explained their own personal methods of getting fit enough to ride 160km in a day - as demanding as any other athletic discipline.

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samedi 20 mars 2010

Great Britain: New endurance riding season underway

Isobel Green and her coloured cob, Andrew, enjoy the Escrick Park ride Picture courtesy Liz Worthy

Friday 19th March 2010

By Lisa Evans »

A COLD start and chill wind welcomed the many horses and riders who took part in the latest Escrick Park Pleasure Ride.

However, it remained dry until the last of the riders arrived safely back at the venue, which was in stark contrast to the heavy snow showers that plagued this event last year. Organised by the North and East Yorkshire Group of Endurance GB, the ride gets the season off to a great start, passing through some scenic countryside around Escrick Park and Skipwith Common.

All of the group’s pleasure rides are suitable for beginners and families, as well as the more experienced rider, and many were enjoying their first taste of endurance riding. There were two routes available, a shorter ride covering 20k or a longer route covering 30k. For anyone who would like to find out more about endurance riding, there will be a training day at Knayton, near Thirsk, on April 17.

The training day will cover everything from map reading and horse fitness, to rules and completing forms.

For more information phone Lesley Hughes on 01845 537210 For details of forthcoming rides visit the website

vendredi 19 mars 2010

Great Britain: Westcountry pair aiming for Kentucky - Full Article

Thursday, March 18, 2010

E NDURANCE is a tough sport, and definitely not for the faint hearted, so the South West can be proud of the fact that two of its riders have made it onto the Endurance GB British Team Elite Squad.

Annie Joppe with her horse, Dilmun, from Perranporth, Cornwall, and Karen Jones with Macadamia from Culmstock, Devon, are now working hard to be selected for this year's World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

The EGB British Team Elite Squad is a small pool of horses and riders selected from the Endurance GB Senior Squad. It is from the Elite Squad that a team of up to five combinations will be chosen to represent Great Britain.

To become part of the elite squad takes total commitment, dedication and hard work on the part of each rider as they must attend various training and assessment weekends held around the country. At these sessions both horses and riders undergo rigorous evaluation by a team of veterinary experts comprising vet, equine physiotherapist, farrier, trainer and human physiotherapists.

Interestingly, the team vet, Hugh L Salmon, BVetMed DBR MRCVS, is also from Devon and is based at the Wolfgar Veterinary Surgery in Cheriton Bishop. Horses are assessed by trotting up and lunging on a hard surface before being checked in more detail. The horses are then assessed while being ridden. Riders must do a dressage test to illustrate the level of schooling and suppleness of the horse, which is assessed by team trainer, Annabel Schofield.

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mardi 9 mars 2010

Mrs Golden Horseshoe - Barbara Wigley - Full Article

They call her, Mrs Golden Horseshoe.

They also say you need lots of endurance to keep up with her.

For Barbara Wigley, a busy, fast-talking, no-nonsense, endurance rider is the driving force behind what over the years has become one of the great, legendary endurance rides in the world.

Not that there haven't been set-backs along the way. In fact, at one time it looked as though the days of the Golden Horseshoe, which today covers 100 miles of the toughest terrain in the country, were very nearly over.

Barbara was born in Stretford, Manchester. Her family were distinctly non-horsey. Her father was a painter and decorator. Eventually, he opened a painting and decorating shop in nearby Urmston.

"As a kid, I can remember begging and pleading with them to let me have a pony," she says. "When I was 11-years-old I managed to persuade my mother to let me have riding lessons. She agreed. But it was on condition I didn't tell my father..."

For more of the article:

mercredi 24 février 2010

Beijing to London horse ride - Megan to start third stage - Full Article

Lottie Butler, H&H newsdesk
24 February, 2010

Endurance riding is being taken to an entirely new level by national endurance rider Megan Lewis, who is currently preparing for the third stage of The Long Horse Ride, a Sino-British international friendship ride.

The ride, a five-part journey on horseback from Beijing to London, began after the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and will be completed in time for the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

The next stage, due to start in April, will follow the northern Silk route across the Gobi desert and onwards through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to Samarkand.

"It is very difficult to know how long the route will take exactly," Megan told H&H.


dimanche 7 février 2010

Spain: Clasificacion XVII Raid de las Canadas en Puerto Real

El Raid - Blog by Gabriel
Ayer se celebro el XVII Raid de las Canadas en Puerto Real (Cadiz), en el Club Hipico Jinetes de la Bahia, con una gran participacion de jinetes en las diferentes pruebas, los resultados de las mismas son:

CEN una estrella:

1st - Antonio Bras Moura con "Tractor" a una velocidad media de 19'65.
2nd - Isabel Bote con "La Bamba" a una velocidad media de 19'65.
3rd - Macarena Silva con" Quidd Pambele" a una velocidad media de 19'63.
Caballo seleccionado como mejor condicion por la comision veterinaria Quidd Pambele de Macarena Silva.

CET cero estrella:

1st - Francisco Javier Herrera con "Golondrino PH" a 15'74 de media.
2nd - Salvador Garrido con "Coqueto" a 15'68 de media.
3rd - Francisco Luque con "Seleno" a 15'62 de media.

En el Raid de Promocion: 16 caballos clasificados.
En el Raid de Iniciacion: 7 caballos clasificados.
Felicidades a todos los participantes en este Raid de las Cañadas, comite organizador y Jueces por la labor reslizada en este Raid.

Ganador del CEN una estrella: Antonio Bras Moura con el Presidente del Club Santi Perez.

Segunda clasificada Maria Isabel Bote con el Presidente del Club.

Macarena Silva tercera clasificada y ganadora del Bet-Condicion con su magnifico caballo Quid Pambele.

Francisco Javier Herrera. Joven jinete del Rocio, ganador tambien en el Raid de Badajoz con su magnifico caballo Golondrino P H.

Trofeo al Jinete más veterano de la prueba D. Jose Maria Solano Estudillo con su caballo "Piropo", trofeo patrocinado por sus hijos y nietos en homenaje a su trayectoria como jinete de Raid, en su club Jinetes de la Bahia.

Participantes de la prueba antes de la salida, en un terreno muy embarrado.

Ganadores de las distintas pruebas del XVII Raid Parque de las Cañadas y Memorial Parrita en el Club Hipico Jinetes de la Bahia en Puerto Real (Cadiz).

Yesterday was the seventeenth Raid of Las Canadas in Puerto Real (Cadiz), the Riders Riding Club Bahia, with strong participation of riders in the different tests, the results of these are:

CEN star:
1 º .- Antonio Moura Bras with "Tractor" at an average speed of 19'65.
2 .- M ª Isabel boat with "La Bamba" at an average speed of 19'65.
3 .- Silva Macarena "Quidde Pambelé" at an average speed of 19'63.
Horse named top condition by the veterinary committee Quidde Pambelé Macarena Silva.

Zero star CET:
1 º .- Francisco Javier Herrera "Pintail PH" to 15'74 on average.
2 .- Salvador Garrido with "Pretty" to 15'68 on average.
3 .- Francisco Luque with "Selena" to 15'62 on average.
In the Raid Promotion: 16 horses classified.
The Initiation Raid: 7 horses classified.

Congratulations to all participants in the Raid de las Canadas, the organizing committee and judges for their work in this Raid reslizada.

mercredi 20 janvier 2010

Great Britain: Chairman Julie clinches top endurance award

Published Date: 20 January 2010
JULIE MARTIN, from Hepworth, was presented with the Cock of the North trophy as overall winner when the West Riding Group of Endurance Great Britain held their annual awards and prize-giving.
Julie, who is chairman of the group, has been competing in endurance rides for over 30 years. She won the championships of both long distance riding societies in the 80s and was runner-up in the EGB overall championships of 2008 and 2009 with Solitaires Star.

The 11-year-old Arabian mare is only 14.2hh and was bought by Julie as a two-year-old, initially as a companion to her then endurance horse.

The novice champion award went to Bev Corrigan, from Meltham, with Zoe's Flight. The top young rider was Emily Fergerson, from Leeds, and Amber Sole, from Hessle, was the best junior.

Four newcomers to the sport were given achievement awards: Nicola Bowley, Tadcaster; Margot Fielden, Leeds; Kelly Crowther, Morley and Marcus Headland, Great Heck.

The first of three national rides will be Wharncliffe Chase in June, followed by Last of the Summer Wine in July and South Yorkshire in September.


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