vendredi 31 août 2007

FEI Secretary General Michael Stone Resigns

The FEI has announced the departure of its secretary general, Michael Stone. On August 24, Stone tendered his resignation to the president, and the first and second vice presidents in Lausanne, Switzerland. This was accepted, and has been approved by the Bureau. Stone has worked for the FEI for 10 years in various positions, culminating in his appointment in August 2006 as secretary general, the chief executive of the organization.

The FEI and Stone accept that the resignation has come about through irreconcilable differences in the implementation of the future direction of the organization. The FEI Executive Board said, “We recognize the important role that Mr. Stone has played in the organization, and he goes with the best wishes of all with whom he has worked.”

mardi 14 août 2007

Euston Park, Thetford, England

Iain Cockley-Adams
Croghan Hill Farm

FEI 3 * 160 km 5th August 2007

It was going to be a hot day in Suffolk. As the competitors gathered for the 6.00am start it was already 24˚C (75˚F). Whilst for those who had travelled from Europe to Thetford this looked like a typical summer’s day, this early morning temperature was something the British based riders had hardly seen at any time of day this year. As the ride progressed temperatures peaked at 31˚C (89˚F), uncharacteristic for an English summers day but unheard of so far in 2007 which has seen record rainfall and cool cloudy days.

The 160km offered up a varying mix of stubble fields, woodland and grass tracks, some road and a great deal of the uncompromising flint tracks characteristic of the area. The course consisted of six loops varying in length from 40km for the first and second stages to 17.5km for the final circuit. Each stage brought the riders back to the venue for the vet gate.

At Vet Gate One the United Arab Emirate’s Mubarak Khalifa bin Shafya was at the front – a position that he held throughout the ride. His 9 year old Grey Arab Zakar Zahara eventually crossed the finish line some 20 minutes clear of second place Cecile Mosti of France on Khandela des Vialettes.

The winner averaged 18.23 kph. Mubarak bin Shafya’s slowest circuit was the final loop covered in 16.09 kph; his quickest was the third stage (80km-105km) ridden at 19.39kph.

However, for most of the day the leader did not have everything his own way. France’s Jack Begaud, who for the last two years has been the leading rider in the FEI World Rankings, was hard on his heels until around 130km (85 miles) when his mount Highlander suffered a hind limb injury forcing them to retire on course.

Third place went to Raed Mahmood of Bahrain riding Izba du Caussanel.

The first British rider home was Ros Jackson on Nazeeka in fourth place (14.84 kph), followed by Janice Cockley-Adams with Khadidja du Pont, the third successful 160km completion this season for Janice Cockley-Adams and her Arab mare.

Christine Yeoman was next home on her new Argentinean bred horse LM Midday and 7th place was another Briton, Linda Coplethwaite riding First Time. Eighth and ninth places were taken by Qatari competitors, Essa Ahmed Al Mannai on Dragon JT and Abdulla Towaim Al Marri on Shagar 5, who rode together focussed on securing the qualifying standard for the upcoming Open European Championships.

vendredi 10 août 2007

GER: 160 Gather for CEIO/CEIOYR at Kreuth

Merri Melde

If you leave the Netherlands at 9:30 in the morning on Thursday, and you drive southeast about 10 hours, you end up in Kreuth, Germany, where you'd find a whole lot of endurance rides going on Saturday: a 39 km, CEI *60 km, CEI** 80 km and CEIJR**80 km, CEI*** 120 km/CEIJYR*** 120 km, CEIOJYR*** 120 km, CEI**160 km, and CEIO*** 160 km. Whew! Coverage

Scotland: Endurance for top horseman

Aug 10 2007

Alison Anderson

HE still may only 11 but horseman Iain Paterson is set to gain his second Scottish cap.

The young rider from West Gatherleys Farm, near Dunning, donned the Saltire for the first time last August when he was selected by the Scottish Endurance Riding Club (SERC) in the 2006 Home International Championships.

Iain’s continuing success in endurance riding over the season attracted the selectors’ attention, resulting in a return to the Scottish team for the match against England, Wales and Ireland.

This year, the championships are held at Barbary Castle in Wiltshire on August 11 and 12.

In 2006’s Home Internationals Iain rode his 13hh pony, Burnside Charisse, who unfortunately was lamed out on the second day.

His partner for 2007 is his young horse, Tannasg Primo Dancer, a five-year-old home-bred Arabian broken-in and trained by Iain.

His part of the Scottish squad is as the junior rider is the 50km (30 mile) class.

SERC rules regarding young horses limit the number of miles they can cover, so Iain and ‘team Tannasg’ have had to carefully plan this season’s campaign, but Primo Dancer successfully attained Bronze Thistle Final standard which puts horses on first level of competitive endurance riding.

Iain’s longer-term ambition for Tannasg Primo Dancer is to take him to right to top level of endurance riding which involves competing in 160km (100 mile) FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) race rides. Iain’s next big ride after this weekend’s Home International is at 50km class at an event which also hosts Scotland’s first FEI endurance event – a 110km FEI 2-star class for gold series riders on September 1 at the new Scottish National Equestrian Centre at Oatridge.

SERC rules require riders of Iain’s age to be accompanied by an adult. Throughout the Morrison Academy pupil’s short but successful in endurance riding, Iain’s mother Seonaid has been his riding mentor.

This season Seonaid is riding CS Kismet, a six-year-old former successful Arabian racehorse who has been given to Iain for his endurance endeavours by Andy Castle of Aberuchill Estate, Comrie.

Iain is a member of the Strathearn branch of The Pony Club.

mardi 7 août 2007

GBR: US man rides in to the record books

Press Association
Monday August 6, 2007 7:28 PM

Richard Rodriguez overtook the previous total of nine days and 12 hours at 12.01am on Monday.

The 48-year-old broke the record on the Pepsi Max Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Not content with this feat, the American is still riding the rollercoaster to maximise his total.

He said: "It feels amazing to be the world record holder once again, but I'm not just going to give up now - I want to stay on for as long as possible and make my record a solid one.

"The ride crews and all the visitors who have come to support me have been a great help and have inspired me to stay positive during this successful record attempt so I'd like to thank them all."

Mr Rodriguez has to eat, drink and sleep on rollercoasters as he takes on the ultimate endurance test.

In accordance with stringent Guinness Book of Records guidelines, the American will accumulate five minutes respite for every full hour ridden to allow him to change clothes, shower, have a hot meal and transfer onto the Big Dipper for night-time riding.

He was going head to head with two challengers at Freizeitland Gieselwind park in Germany, but they dropped out after 36 hours due to medical reasons.

Mr Rodriguez had held the record for nearly 30 years until German Frank Rossler beat it last year.

lundi 6 août 2007

USA: Great Santa Fee Trail Horse Race

wagon.jpgThe Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race is an 800 mile endurance ride completed over a 13 day period. It is open to all breeds.

The ride will start in Santa Fe, New Mexico on September 3, 2007 and end in Missouri on September 15, 2007.

One of the main objectives of the race is to educate the public not only on the national historic Santa Fe Trail, but also to introduce the sport of endurance riding to thousands.

One Hundred teams will spend each evening in the race village where over 100,000 spectators are expected to visit throughout the entire course of the event.

The riders will complete the specified distance for the day then stop and spend the night at the race village. Each rider’s time will be recorded, and accumulated for end of the race.

The rider with the shortest time overall will be declared the winner. In addition to an individual winner, team competition will exist.

Spectators are encouraged to turn out to greet the riders at “race villages,” which will be overnight stopping points for the riders and their horses.

Santa Fe, N.M., Sept. 1-2

Las Vegas, N.M., Sept. 3

Springer, N.M., Sept. 4

Clayton, N.M., Sept. 5

Elkhart, Kan., Sept. 6

Dodge City, Kan., Sept. 7-8

Larned, Kan., Sept. 9

Lyons, Kan., Sept. 10

Council Grove, Kan., Sept. 11-12

Burlingame, Kan., Sept. 13

Gardner, Kan., Sept. 14-15.

mercredi 1 août 2007

FRA : Tarbes CEI**, a spanish taste !

Une domination espagnole sur les terres du haras national de Tarbes !

Ce fut la délégation espagnole qui donnât le ton sur le CEI** 119 Km de Tarbes, quatrième étape du challenge trans-pyrénéen.
L’équipe des organisateurs menée par Jacques Domege, Christian Lozano et Jacques Dutrey avait eu l’idée de coupler l’évènement avec le festival européen de la création équestre Equestria qui avait lieu dans les structures magnifiques du Haras National de Tarbes. (

Présentant ainsi la discipline de l’endurance équestre au grand public, le contrôle initial, la meilleure condition se déroulèrent devant le public d’Equestria, au cœur du village et du spectacle du festival de créations équestres,
La championne du monde 2005 Barbara Lissarague, la vice championne du monde 2006 Virginie Atger, la médaille de bronze en individuel sur le championnat du monde 2006 Elodie Le Labourier étaient invitées par la municipalité de Tarbes où ont été reçus tous les grands noms du sport, les championnes étaient logées au Rex et conviées au cocktail de la municipalité organisé avec tous les représentants du monde équestre régional et des élus.

La météo était au rendez-vous pour ce CEI** 119 Km, et à 7h00 du matin, 62 concurrents s’élancèrent sur le parcours technique tracé en marguerite autour du site du bois du commandeur.
Dès les premières étapes Mato Garcia avec Niebla et Maria Alvarez Ponton avec Champs de la Derame menèrent le train.
Ils furent talonnés par la jeune Jessica Giraldo avec Sua (2nd), Albert Massaneda avec Mijons 3ème), Olatz Areito Areegi et Jazzy de Gargassan (4ème).
Le premier français classé est Clément Bonafé avec Gribouille (5ème).
Malgré l’humidité en sous bois la vitesse était conséquente.

Le reste des nationaux, pour la majorité qualifiant ou confirmant la distance avec leurs chevaux n’a, a aucun moment essayé de remonter dans le classement.
Elodie Le Labourier (7ème) avec J’yvole du Breuil, Marilyne Lemoine et Cham (6ème), Sandrine Lance et Willup (7ème), Anne Sophie Laborde avec le cheval espagnol Gaucho (9ème), Virginie Atger avec Arques Europa (15ème), Barbara et Christian Lissarague avec Radjha de Sinuhe et Nida’a al Watan (23 et 24èmes).

Sur la dernière étape Mato Garcia avec Niebla et Jessica Giraldo avec Sua feront la différence à plus de 21km/h de moyenne, pour se départager au sprint final.
Albert Massaneda et Mitjons arriveront troisième à plus d’un quart d’heure malgré une dernière étape à près de 20 km/h., et il faudra attendre encore 10 minutes pour voir arriver la quatrième. 35 chevaux ont terminés l’épreuve.
Lors du podium avec les trois premiers, le magnifique trophée réalisé par SCARA, fut remis au vainqueur.
Il sera remis en jeu tous les ans et le nom des vainqueurs de chaque édition est gravé sur son socle.
Le jugement de la meilleure condition fut présenté au haras national de Tarbes après le spectacle d’Equestria. Elle fut décernée à Sua montée par Jessica Giraldo.

Le repas de clôture organisé à la salle des fêtes d’Ibos, et la remise des prix se déroula dans la bonne ambiance générale.