mercredi 30 juin 2010

Great Britain: Alison Saunders has reached the Summit of Kilimanjaro

30th June 2010

ALISON SAUNDERS HAS REACHED THE SUMMIT OF KILIMANJARO..... all in aid of fundraising for the British Endurance Team for WEG

It’s not just EGB members who are involved in the fundraising for our British Team this year...

Alison Saunders, friend of Nicky Sherry and supporter of endurance riding, is raising funds through sponsorship to climb Kilimanjaro...

Alison Saunders started her climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro around the 20th of June . Alison lives very close to Nicky and uses Bodmin Moor as part of her training. Most weekends Nicky has caught her up while she is striding across the moor and she has been able to catch up on how her training is going. Nicky tells us that “over the last few months she has increased the distance she walks carrying a rucksack on her back with around 5/6 kgs of weight in it. Apart from this she is training in the gym, attending spinning classes (static cycling), weight training, using the cross trainers and training walks. She works near to the Quantocks and so has been up there striding across the hills as well. Last week she had a week’s holiday and managed to cover around 60 miles walking!! She is very dedicated to the cause and I have every confidence that she will complete the climb - the only obstacle in her path being that she will not know until she gets there whether she will suffer from altitude sickness.”

Alison has become an expert in not only getting herself fit and her diet but in carrying lightweight articles of all clothing. Nicky has had many a conversation on this with her and it is quite incredible what you can get. Alison works in the NHS and has got a lot of support from fellow work mates and so we are now asking you to put your hands into your pockets and supporting Alison by giving a few pence towards her success and helping our team in their quest in Kentucky.

Simply make a donation through the Kentucky Fundraising page on the Endurance GB website -

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