jeudi 28 février 2008

FG reader in successful Andes charity trek - Feb 29 2008 - Full Story

Farmer and FG reader, Lenice Bell, has survived a tough trek on horseback across Argentina and Chile on behalf of the Anthony Nolan Trust, raising £4,600 for the charity.

The trek, one of the trust’s Ultimate Challenges, meant up to 10 hours a day in the saddle for the 10 participants (pictured above). They made rough camp each night on the route, which ran from the mountains above Mendoza on the Argentine border to the western side of the Andes on the Chilean border.

Lenice said: “The whole experience was incredible – a true challenge. I’m a country person, but this was just wonderful – the wilderness was amazing.

“We saw so many wild flowers, condors, humming birds – the eagles flew so low you could see the yellow of their beaks and I’d never have thought I’d get a buzz out of seeing puma poo!

“We had fantastic people in our group – everyone really supported each other when we had our difficult times...


Canada: Hall of Fame award for Canadian endurance rider - Full Story

Endurance stalwart Nancy Beacon is the first recipient of Endurance Canada's Hall of Fame Award.

Beacon of Flesherton, Ontario, has contributed significantly to the development of the endurance sport, in both Ontario and Canada. Over the years she has spent considerable time mentoring up-and-coming riders, including allowing them to compete on her veteran horses to get started in the sport. Many of today's top riders owe their start in the sport to Beacon.

She was founding member of Canadian Long Distance Riders Association, has been a Lay Judge at many rides over the years, worked as a course designer for many rides, been the Trail Master for several Federation Equestre International (FEI) rides held in Ontario, and hosted the first Canadian FEI Endurance competition in 1989 in Ontario.

Beacon has also competed in many FEI rides during her career...


vendredi 22 février 2008

Australian State Declared Free of Equine Influenza - Feb 14 2008 - Full Story

Less than six months after the first horse was infected, all properties in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) have been declared free of equine influenza.

"I can say today that not one horse in NSW is now known to have equine influenza," said Ian Macdonald, NSW primary industries minister.

At the peak of outbreak, more than 41,000 horses were infected on more than 5,800 properties.

Macdonald said the government has spent more than $46 million containing the exotic disease, which escaped from a government quarantine center. More than 100,000 horses have since been vaccinated.

"Today is a tribute both to the people who have been directly engaged in the battle against (influenza) and the horse industries, and the thousands of horse owners across the state whose vigilance, discipline and cooperation have been critical to stopping the spread of the virus," Macdonald said.

The government's goal has been to totally eradicate equine influenza from NSW by mid-March.

"Extensive testing is on-going to ensure we have not missed any isolated pockets of disease and it is vital that horse owners remain vigilant, report any sick horses, and observe movement restrictions," Macdonald said.

As part of the influenza campaign the state government has:

* Vaccinated approximately 50,000 horses;
* Carried out over 100,000 tests at the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute;
* Established more than 20 control and vaccination centers across NSW;
* Enlisted an influenza workforce of about 2,000;
* Implemented a successful zoning system to free up movements and allow breeding season to be undertaken and racing to resume.

jeudi 21 février 2008

Australia : Foreign interest shown in outback camel trek - Full Story

Posted Thu Feb 21, 2008

A 150 kilometre camel endurance race being planned in western Queensland is attracting international interest.

Arid Lands Australia will hold its inaugural festival in Hughenden in August and says it is about to issue an official invitation to the president of the United Arab Emirates to attend the event.

President Paddy McHugh says the race will offer $50,000 in prize money and he is confident people from across the globe will attend.

"Absolutely ... the United Arab Emirates will have at least two or three vets who will be part of the veterinary team," he said.

"Then we've got interest coming from Canada, America, New Zealand, Malaysia - there's little bits of bites - we've got some interest out of Saudi Arabia as well to come and view the race.

"You've got to remember with the camels over there, it is their lifestyle, their world and for us to do something like this over here, they pay a bit of attention to it I suppose."

mardi 19 février 2008

NZ horses and rides in top endurance rankings

February 20
Top New Zealand-bred horse Dell Hama, who is currently equal second in the FEI's world endurance horse rankings.

New Zealand horses and riders have featured prominently in the recently released 2008 FEI World Rankings.

The FEI has added two new categories to the rankings, the Open Horse and Junior/Young Rider Horse categories. Rankings include events up to 11 February.

In the Open Horse category, Dell Hama is equal second with fellow New Zealand-bred Rhan. Dell Hama won the 2008 Dubai World Challenge earlier this month, and Rhan was the victor in the South Island 160km championship last month.

Of the riders, New Zealand's Alison Higgins (11) is the sole non-UAE rider in the registered rider world ranking list, which is topped by Hamad Mohd Al Ahbabi.

In the Junior/Young Rider rankings, Kiwi Jaime Heywood is third equal. Vigar Shamah is ranked third in the junior/young rider horse rankings.

jeudi 7 février 2008

Fast Track 'Window' Extended to FEI Veterinarians - Feb 7 2008

Following on from the successful Fast Track process for the *Rating of FEI Endurance Judges, the FEI introduced a similar process for the *Rating of FEI Endurance Veterinarians at the start of 2007.

By 31 December 2007 most FEI National Federations had registered their FEI Veterinarians using the *Rating Criteria as circulated by the NFs at the end of 2006.

In order to allow those Federations who have yet to submit their registrations an extension of time, the cut off date for using the FEI Veterinary Fast Track option will now close on 31 March 2008.

Thereafter, any FEI Endurance Veterinarian who wishes to become *Rated must follow the full criteria as defined.

As agreed, the use of *Rated Endurance Veterinarians at *Rated Endurance rides will remain voluntary throughout 2008. This will become compulsory starting January 2009.

mardi 5 février 2008

Endurance Britain helps Buckinghamshire rescue horses
February 6, 2008

Endurance GB, the governing body for the sport of endurance riding in Great Britain, has donated £1000 to Redwings Horse Sanctuary to support the work that the charity is doing treating horses rescued from Spindles Farm in Amersham.

Following the biggest rescue operation ever mounted by combined charities, there was much discussion on the Forum section of EGB's website, about what members could do to show support for the rescue, and help the charities involved. After discussion at the Management Committee, it was decided that, in accordance with a principal tenet of EGB 'welfare of the horse is paramount' a substantial donation would be the best way to show the concern of EGB members, and would be the quickest way to give tangible help for the horses.

"There were many requests from ride organisers for permission to ask entrants for an extra £1 at rides, to collect for Operation Esther, or permission to run events specifically to raise money for the rescued horses," said John Yeoman, chairman of Endurance GB. "But the management committee felt that a more immediate response was called for, and that is what led us to give this substantial donation."

Operation Esther had its beginning when Horse and Hound online forum member Michelle Mortimer placed a plea on the site for people to give up a luxury and donate that money to the charities concerned.

Operation Esther is named after the youngest donkey rescued from the farm. Esther and her mum Mary were taken to Redwings sanctuary, where she was given her name.

"Everybody involved with Operation Esther and the collection of donations has really taken it to their hearts and we are all very grateful," Michelle said.

"It is brilliant to be able to help the charities who took in not only these equines, but take in rescued horses, ponies and donkeys all year round."

PETA vs. Bin Laden: News Stranger Than Fiction - Feb 5 2008

The Jurga Report - Full Story

February 5 2008

Two unlikely newsmakers share a story this week. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has spoken out against a proposed endurance horse race across North Africa that would replace this year's Paris-to-Dakar car race.

The famous off-road car race was canceled for security reasons, fearing terrorist intervention.

Enter Omar Osama bin Laden, the 26-year-old estranged son of Al Queda leader Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden the Younger has proposed a horse race to replace the car race, and is serving as spokesman and organizer, with his British wife. The race would cover 4800 km (roughly 3000 miles) and the horses would "race" 30 miles per day.

Bin Laden refers to the project in the international press as a "peace mission".

PETA calls it cruelty...