dimanche 2 mai 2010

Great Britain: Riders enjoy sunny weather with Endurance South West

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Members of Endurance South West and pleasure riders have been out in force this month, enjoying the sunny weather and training rides both in Devon and Cornwall.

The Ladock Ride, near Truro, which is always very popular, had more than 80 riders taking part. The 16km (10 miles) route is a delightful mixture of woodland tracks and grassy fields. It winds around Trendeal Hill, before crossing the lane into St Enoder and Ladock Woods.

The going this year was somewhat muddier than usual but, as usual, it was a delightful ride. The last uphill canter across the downs above Trendeal is the highlight of the route, which all the horses and ponies enjoy.

The introduction of the Pony Club Endurance Scheme last year is encouraging more Pony Club members to take part in endurance rides. Out on their ponies at Ladock were 12-year-old Emily Lyndon, of Scarsewater, on Rosie and her friend 10-year-old Tegan Noy of Ladock, on her pony Flax. Both are members of the North Cornwall Pony Club. Thanks must go to the Duchy of Cornwall and farmer, Bob Strongman, for allowing the ride to take place over their land.

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