samedi 19 décembre 2009

Great Britain: Experienced Dalton rider Penny Pearce has won Cumbria’s top award for endurance.

19 December 2009

Pearce gained the most competitive mileage points last season, riding her horse Oakthwaite Suddara.

She won the Best Arab trophy, from points accumulated from riding 834 kilometres in competitive rides and gaining 1,645 points.

Pearce and Oakthwaite Suddara did so well they were placed in five other trophies at the recent Cumbria Endurance Society's AGM awards.

Said Pearce: "I'm so chuffed about it. I finished fourth last year and I so wanted to win it this year."

Pearce, who has been riding for 20 years and competing in endurance rides for 15 years, is a Cumbria committee member and promotes the endurance riding sport as a great way to keep fit, and enjoy riding over beautiful terrain.

She said: "We're trying to encourage as many people as possible to have a go at the sport, which is great fun."

Riders and horses can compete in anything, from 15km pleasure rides to 160km day treks, and you don’t need a special horse. For more information contact

lundi 14 décembre 2009

My horses have taken care of me - Full Story

December 03. 2009

My work is my passion, and my lifestyle.

When I left school at age 16, in 1987, I had no qualifications. I never really thought about money or having a job to guarantee me a good salary. It was the opposite: horses were my passion, what I wanted for my life.

I was born in Biarritz, in south-western France, and started riding when I was seven or eight. I'm now 38. I don’t know where my love of horses came from. No one else in my family rode.

I now work as the senior riding instructor at the Royal Stables in Abu Dhabi, and I manage all the horses there. We have about 100 altogether, including 40 liveried horses that we stable, feed, groom and take care of for a monthly fee.


mercredi 25 novembre 2009

Great Britain: Small companies sharing a big market - Full Article

Nov 25 2009 by Andrew Mernin, The Journal

You don't have to be a mammoth corporation with a bottomless pit of capital to make it big overseas. Andrew Mernin finds out how a growing band of the region's small businesses have become exporters on a shoestring budget.

A HORSE called Tiffany with a bad back was the unlikely catalyst for the creation of a globally successful firm in a tiny village in Teesdale.

Tiffany's owner Les Spark, an endurance riding enthusiast, set about designing a saddle which would allow him to ride the horse without being thrown to the ground in anger at her own discomfort. And so the flexible, and apparently ultra-comfortable, Free N Easy saddle was born.

Seventeen years later, the saddle is sold in 20 countries across five continents and has given the village of Low Selset, near Barnard Castle, its own international success story.


dimanche 15 novembre 2009

Endurance Horse Study Reveals Common Complaints, Resolutions - Full Article

by: Marie Rosenthal, MS
November 15 2009

A lot of things can happen over the many miles of an endurace event. California veterinarians recently tracked the incidence and resolution of equine medical issues encountered during endurance competition.

C. Langdon Fielding, DVM, Dipl. ACVECC, of the Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center in California, and colleagues, looked at the records of 30 horses that required emergency treatment after being removed from endurance competition.

Some of the issues the researchers encountered included colic, esophageal obstruction (choke), poor cardiovascular recovery, myopathy, and synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (thumps). They studied the horses' examination, lab work, age, breed, and other parameters to see if they could spot specific indicators that could help them catch the problem earlier.


vendredi 23 octobre 2009

Great Britain: Code to make horse feeds safer for competition horses - Full Article

Charlotte White, H&H deputy news editor

22 October, 2009

A new voluntary code has been introduced by UK horse feed manufacturers and the British Equine Traders Association (BETA) to reduce the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS), like morphine and caffeine, getting into feed.

The code was implemented on 1 October with commitment from leading manufacturers including Baileys, Blue Chip, British Horse Feeds, Dodson & Horrell, Natural Animal Feeds, Red Mills, Saracen, Spillers, TopSpec and Dengie.

The companies have signed up to stringent quality management procedures in the sourcing, storage, transport and manufacturing processes of their products.

Suppliers of raw materials will be regularly audited and staff will also undergo rigorous training to ensure strict adherence to the code.


dimanche 19 juillet 2009

Saint Paulien, Haute-Loire. August 14-16

Press Info: download pdf

SOS el Paular endurance

2 jours d'intense compétition dont le CEIOJY d'Espagne à côté de Madrid au pied d'un ancien monastère.

Des épreuves chronométrées par ATRM, à suivre en cliquant ICI. (si liaison internet) avec suivi GPS en direct sur le site ATRM par SF Tracking (une compagnie EUVE).

Une première technique qui préfigure d'autres innovations en matière de communication pour l'endurance au niveau international. Une coopération européenne France - Espagne (ou l'inverse comme on veut).

Le CEI * 80 km a débuté à 9h00. 1/2 heure après, le GPS a montré son utilité pour la sécurité lors de la chute d'une cavalière. En appuyant sur le bouton SOS, elle a signalé sa chute (avec possibilité de parler et communiquer). L'hélicoptère de sécurité et l'ambulance se sont immédiatement rendus sur les lieux (il s'agit d'un parc naturel avec peu d'accès)..
Le GPS a permis la relation, la localisation précise et l'envoi immédiat des secours. La cavalière a été emmenée à Madrid pour observation. On note en sus que l'organisateur a pris les moyens nécessaires pour assurer la sécurité.

UMA MENCIA (ESP) vainqueur du CEIOJY ** 120 km à 18.320 km/h (voir site ATRM).
FERNANDEZ VILAR DAVID (ESP) vainqueur du CEI ** 120 km à 18.763 km/h (voir site ATRM).
DIAZ FEITO PLACIDO (ESP) vainqueur du CEI * 80 km à 16.338 km/h (voir site ATRM).

Anne-Sophie Laborde (FRA) 6ème sur le CEI** 120 km

Au final, on a assisté là à la première édition de ce qui deviendra un lieu de référence en Espagne avec circuits balisés en dur dans un parc naturel d'une grande beauté sis à 1200m d' Nord de Madrid. Des améliorations sont déjà prévues pour maintenir et compléter un haut niveau de mise en oeuvre (piste remarquée par la qualité de ses sols, paysages superbes, organisation générale de qualité malgré une obligation de changement de dernière minute pour 2 phases, chronométrage automatique ATRM et suivi GPS EUVE SF Sport Tracking avec diffusion sur Internet, niveau de sécurité exceptionnel, etc.).

Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ICI.

mardi 14 juillet 2009

Scotland: Emma in the Saddle

Published: 10 July, 2009

A ROSS-SHIRE teenager has been selected to represent her country at a prestigious horse riding event to be held in England next week.

Emma Matheson (13), from Balblair, has been chosen for the Scottish Endurance Riding Team who are taking part in the 2009 Home International and Celtic Challenge in Ludlow, Shropshire on July 18-19.

Emma’s mother, Jenni Carmichael, told the Journal, "The cost involved in travelling to the event is quite high.

"To get Emma and her horse down there will cost in the region of 500 pounds, so we are appealing to local companies to help assist her.

"In return for sponsorship, the company’s logo will be displayed on the side of the horse lorry."

Emma also ran a fundraiser at Avoch Community Centre earlier this week, where she held a bouncy castle fun day.

It was Emma's grandmother, Brenda Burnett, who first encouraged her to take up riding.

Mrs Burnett explained, "Emma would have been about four when she went for her first riding lesson. We never needed to push her, she just wanted to keep going back. So we decided to get her a pony and it has worked out great.

"We are very proud of her, she has done really well to get selected for the national team. There are only two junior places in the team - it is mainly adults."

Emma Matheson and Prince are heading across the border to represent Scotland Andrew Smith

Although Emma, a second year pupil at Fortrose Academy, has been named as a reserve, she will still get the chance to go riding on the Saturday on her horse, Weatheroak Manor White Knight, which Emma simply calls Prince.

Mrs Burnett explained the principles of endurance riding, "You are given a set distance, which can range from about 15 miles to 100 miles a day on the same horse.

"It all has to be done at a set speed.

"If you don’t go at that speed you will get penalised. You also need to refer to a map to see what the terrain is like and take the weather into account."

Mrs Burnett revealed the longest distance Emma has done is 50km, but she will be covering 40km at the weekend. She added, "Emma is very excited about going down to Ludlow, she is counting the hours. It will be a fantastic learning experience for her."

mardi 7 juillet 2009

Great Britain: Flintshire woman has sights on horseriding endurance challenge

Sarah Braithwaite is taking part in an endurance
trek on Morris, who will travel over 260 miles to
Devon without shoes on his hooves. - Full Article

07 July 2009
By Liam Newman

A KEEN Flintshire horserider is to take on a major endurance challenge.
Sarah Braithwaite, of Nercwys, is travelling 260 miles from North Wales to North Devon to highlight the level of performance that can be achieved from barefoot horses.

She will be riding on six-year-old Chestnut Arab horse, Morris.

Sarah is experienced in the field of endurance rides, and said she is extremely excited about the challenge.

She said: "We started talking about a possible trip at Christmas after coming across many riders who didn't fully appreciate what barefoot horses can do.

"I've always wanted to ride the Long Mynd in Shropshire, and we've intentionally drawn up the map so we can ride along it on this journey."


samedi 4 juillet 2009

Belgium: Débuter, gérer, gagner - Léonard Liesens

La communauté de l'endurance équestre n'avait pas d'ouvrage récent et complet écrit pas un compétiteur de haut niveau. Le vide est maintenant comblé avec ce livre "Endurance - Débuter, gérer, gagner" écrit par Léonard Liesens.

La préface est de Jack Bégaud. Avec la participation du Dr. Jean-Marc Lamolle pour les vérifications des aspects vétérinaires.
Avec les photos de Caroll Gatelier.

Le livre aborde tous les aspects de l'endurance équestre : le choix du cheval, le règlement, les principes d'éducation, l'entraînement du cheval inexpérimenté et du jeune cheval, l'entraînement du cheval expérimenté, la tactique de course, l'assistance, les soins aux chevaux, la préparation au vetgate, les critères vétérinaires, les entraînements pointus, les problèmes et leurs solutions, comment font les autres, etc...

Le style est pour citer Pierre Arnould : "alerte, compréhensible et parfois poétique". Il dit encore "La vision n'est pas monolithique mais complètement pluraliste et est celle d'un rassembleur d'idées et de pistes".

Jack Begaud écrit dans sa préface: "Merci pour cette initiative courageuse traduite par un panorama précis, bien documenté, équilibré entre raison et sentiment qui se lit d'une traite".

Vincent Dupont : "Clair et précis et plein d'enseignements pour les débutants comme pour les autres".

Les soeurs Houassin : "Voilà un ouvrage qui est clair et ne tourne pas autour du pot".

Christian Depuille : "Je n'en suis qu'à la moitié mais j'ai déjà revu ma façon d'entraîner et mon approche de la discipline".

Anne-Gaelle Goachet : "Les bases de la discipline sont enfin posées sur le papier. Et pour des chercheurs comme moi, ton livre répresente une référence solide : "Liesens, 2009" apparaîtra surement dans mes prochaines publications scientifiques !"

144 pages
Prix : 20 euros

Le livre est disponible en France, en Belgique et ailleurs.

Plus d'information A

samedi 20 juin 2009

Malaysian king turns up for French village horse race

AsiaOne News
Sat, Jun 20, 2009, AFP

CORLAY, FRANCE - Malaysia's king Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin surprised villagers in western France Saturday when he turned up to take part in a local horse race.

The king, who has bought several mounts from a breeder near Corlay, a village of 1,000 inhabitants in northern Brittany, rode in a 132 km endurance event.

'We were told a fortnight ago that the king was going to take part,' event organising secretary Jean-Pierre Allegret said, adding that the village had been turned upside down by the arrival of the monarch and some 60 retainers and security men.

Corlay is well-known among horse-lovers for its racecourse and endurance events.

mardi 16 juin 2009

New Zealand: Mixed feelings for Dougan over possible sale

By Gary Caffell

Eketahuna horseman Shane Dougan has mixed feelings over the possibility of his promising endurance horse Taralea Sheer Illusion being sold.

The grey 9-year-old combined with Dougan to top the national Horse and Rider of the Year endurance riding rankings for 2008-09 with 118 points, 25 points clear of their nearest rivals.

But whether they will continue their association will depend on current negotiations to sell Taralea Sheer Illusion to Arabian interests coming to fruition or, conversely, coming to nothing.

Either way Dougan believes he is on a winner such is the potential he sees in his star charge who he has owned for about three years.

"He's very promising, he could go right to the top," Dougan said of Taralea Sheer Illusion who is himself of Arab descent.

"He's strong and he's athletic, he's got all the qualities you want."

The national endurance championships at Whareama at Easter saw Taralea Sheer Illusion compete over 100km for the first time and his effort to place 10th, and win the heavyweight (rider weighing over 90kg) title at the same time, delighted Dougan.

"For us it was just a matter of completing the course without putting too much stress on the horse and he took everything in his stride," Dougan said.

"He'll get the longer distances no problem, and that's probably where his future lies now."

Dougan's partner Jenny Champion and Freckles were seventh on the national Horse and Rider rankings while in the junior section Wairarapa's Natalie Bickerton and Moroccan Fyre were sixth and Tessa Deuss and AH Starlight Express eighth.

Early next month will see Champion heading to South Africa as part of a six-strong Kiwi contingent who will take part in that country's endurance riding championships. They will ride South African horses over 200km in a race scheduled to start on July 7 and finish on July 9.

Representing her country is nothing new for Champion who has competed internationally in Italy and Australia and she has won the national 160km title with Freckles on two occasions, plus finishing runner-up at Whareama.

dimanche 14 juin 2009

Great Britain: Hooves win hands down in Man versus Horse race - Full Article

Jun 13 2009 WalesOnline

Hooves proved better than feet for completing today's annual Man versus Horse Marathon on soggy ground.

More than 600 competitors raced across the 22-mile course in Llanwrtyd Wells, mid Wales, but it was one of the 49 horses that was first past the finishing line.

Duke's Touch of Fun, ridden by Geoff Allen, from Budeleigh, Worcestershire, completed the marathon in two hours and nine minutes.

The fastest human competitor, who was eight minutes behind, was Mark Cox, a running club member from Salford.

Lindsay Ketteringham, chairman of Green Events which organises the endurance event, said: "It's been a brilliant day, but the rain over the last couple of weeks meant the ground was soft underfoot and the horses were able to get quite a speed up. It was ideal going for the horses.

"There was a fantastic turn-out with over 600 competitors, including over 100 relay teams of three people.

"We had to limit the number of horses because it would get too unsafe."

Mr Ketteringham added: "It seems the event is still growing, we keep thinking the town can't take any more but more turn up!

"There were very long queues at the registration desks with people wanting to enter on the day."

The first race took place in June 1980 after the idea was born during a chat over a pint at the Neuadd Arms Hotel.

The course was changed in 1982 to provide a more even match between the man and the horse resulting year on year in very close finishes - sometimes with the horse winning by only a few seconds.

It took 25 years before a man finally beat a horse. Huw Lobb won in two hours and five minutes, beating the fastest horse by two minutes.

Today's winner was awarded 1,000 guineas.

samedi 6 juin 2009

Pierazade du Vialaret, first filly born to cloned stallion

The first foal sired by a cloned stallion is now nearly a month old. The filly, named Pierazade du Vialaret, is the first get of stallion Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion, a clone of two-time World Champion endurance horse Pieraz.

The original Pieraz is an Arabian gelding. He was cloned so that his exact genes could be perpetuated. Pieraz-Cryozootech-Stallion was born in February 2005 at the Laboratorio di Tecnologie della Riproduzione-Consorzio per l'Incremento Zootecnico (LTR-CIZ), a research facility on the outskirts of Cremona, Italy.

The new filly was born May 5. She is out of a mare named Dziupla, a foundation broodmare mare owned by Christian Genieys of Elevage du Vialaret, an endurance breeding program in Campagnac, France.


jeudi 4 juin 2009

Great Britain: A ride on the wild side

The Northern Echo
June 4, 2009

SCORES of horses are expected to take part in a new endurance riding event in a North- East forest later this month.

It has been 15 years since Hamsterley Forest, near Bishop Auckland, has hosted a competitive endurance horse riding event.

Riders will take their horses around the forest before heading to Hamsterley Common.

The ride is called The Elephant Trees, taken from a collection of trees on a stage of the course which look like elephants.

The organisers of the event, on Sunday, June 28, hope the forest could host the Northern Championships when they come to County Durham in 2011.

There will be four distances riders can compete in – 18km, 25km, 40km and 65km.

Although the longer distances are only open to elite riders and members of riding clubs, the shorter distances are open to everyone, and organiser Karen David is hoping people who have never tried the sport will take part.

“It’s a wonderful way to ride,” said Ms David, a member of Durham and Teesside group of Endurance Great Britain.

“We go fast, but we are not hammering round the track and destroying it.

“This area is really pretty and it’s great way to ride.”

Ms David has organised the event with friend Sylvia Briggs.

“A lot of the other courses in the county are suburban, but this one really gets people out into the countryside,” she said.

Riders will be guided by biodegradable paint markings that will disappear days after the event has finished.

Competitors must register their horses before the event. For more details, go to
[More ...]

samedi 30 mai 2009

Great Britain: Riding - Endurance tests are catching on

Saturday 30th May 2009

A National Endurance Riding Event at Tebay attracted 110 riders.

Endurance Riding is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, with events ranging from the 100-mile international senior championship to 10-mile pleasure rides.

The Tebay course contained the minimum road work, so riders could enjoy the open space of the fells and bridleways. Competitors came from as far away as Bolton and Newcastle with many local riders also taking part.

Kath McGhee from Ambleside riding Foxghylls Folly completed the 65km course at an average speed of 12.11 minutes with a final heart rate of 48, earning a well-deserved grade 3.

In the 40km course, Annie Rose from Millom and Therry Cooper from Kirkby-in- Furness successfully completed the class on their Clydesdales.

Jackie McClure from Broughton-in-Furness took part in the 25km and 16km pleasure rides.

Ros Denby, ride organiser and chairman of the Cumbria Group of Endurance, said: "it was a great day; competitors achieved excellent results and enjoyed the ride and it was fabulous to welcome many non members to take part in the pleasure rides."

More information can be found at the group website at or contact the group secretary: Nikki Pearson at Gilson’s Forge, Brocklebank, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 8DL (016974 78203).E-mail: nikki.s.pearson @

vendredi 29 mai 2009

Great Britain: News from the EGB Chair of Selectors - Cathy Brown

26th May 2009

A list of the British Team Elite Squad for 2009 has been announced .......... it is as follows

Rachael Atkinson - Vanash

Liz Booth - Istanbul Rio

Becky Broughton-Booker - Java Sunlight

Ros Clapp - Nazeeka

Janice Cockley-Adams - Khadidja du Pont

Dominique Freeman - Roger

Fiona Hamilton - Sharifah

Annie Joppe - Dilmun

Jill Kent - Bitterwell Spirit

Jan Marsh - Morning Line

Catriona Moon - Leila

Nicky Sherry - Shimmering Blue Jasmine

Kirsty Wiscombe - Eskar

Christine Yeoman - L M Midday and L M Taquillero

Australia: Clare saddles up to ride 240km in South Africa

looking foward to the
challenge of representing
Australia's Endurance Squad


Local schoolteacher and endurance rider Clare Fleming has been chosen to ride for Australia in South Africa.

This follows an invitation from the Australian Endurance Squad to join the team competing in the South African Endurance Championships, held in the first week of July.

The horse riding championships consist of three 80-kilometre rides over three days, a total riding distance of 240kms.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to see another part of the world, and I am very excited about the prospects of riding in Africa," Clare said.

"It will be a great experience to wear the green and gold."

The Australian team arrive at Johannesburg Airport on June 27, and then spend a week getting to know their allocated horse before the ride at Fauresmith on July 7.

This trip is self-funded, although accommodation and horses will be supplied by the host country.

Clare's teammates in the Australian Endurance Team are Jennifer Gilbertson, Mette Sutton and Tami Parnell from New South Wales, Gayle Holmes from Queensland, and Jil Bourton from South Australia. The Team Manager is Graeme Gilbertson. There are also two crew members, Robyn Parnell and Liz Armstrong.

Being accepted into the Australian team was a great achievement for Clare, as she began endurance riding in 2002, following lots of encouragement to do a 40km training ride at Tingha.

Since then, Clare has worked her way up to the top level of competition in endurance.

The Fauresmith International Endurance Ride is considered one of the toughest in the world.

The first ride was in 1965 as a consequence of an argument in the magazine Landbou Weekblad about the breed of horse that had the best endurance ability.

A race settled the issue, with the Arabian breed emerging victorious.

The ride has grown to between 250 and 300 entries each year.

"I believe it will be a great experience and an exciting way to see South Africa, looking between the ears of a horse," Clare states.

Clare was chosen in the team due to her consistent success as an endurance rider.

She placed eighth Lightweight in the NSW 160km State Championships and second Lightweight in the QLD 160km State Championships in 2008.

She was among the 48 per cent that successfully completed the Nanango Tom Quilty, Australia's National/International Endurance Competition.

She placed third Lightweight Endurance Rider and was successful in winning the prestigious Best Condition award.

By the end of last year, Clare ranked fourth in Australia for the Lightweight Point Score.

jeudi 28 mai 2009

Australia: Competitors endure Elmhurst tracks

Dianne Leehane on Shah


ELMHURST - Horse riding enthusiasts from across the state converged on Elmhurst on the second weekend of May for an endurance competition.

The event was held in spectacular conditions at the Elmhurst Reserve, with competitors setting out at midnight on Friday for a 160 kilometre ride through the Mt Cole and Pyrenees Ranges.

Riders of all abilities participated in the event, from beginners to seasoned competitors.

The first ten combinations across the line received embroidered woollen rugs, donated by various sponsors.

The fittest horse combination in all four weight divisions were also awarded prizes.

The 160km ride was won by Jennifer Annetts and Jamie Mollema of New South Wales in the time of 10 hours and 45 minutes.

The weekend of riding ended at midnight on Saturday after the conclusion of an 80km endurance ride and a 40km training ride.

The 80km ride proved the most popular attracting a field of 34 riders.

The event was won by Rose Ross of South Australia in a time of five hours and eight minutes.

Organisers said the response to the endurance competition was extremely positive, with many competitors commenting on the great atmosphere and stunning scenery.

They have thanked the property owners who gave up the use of their land and the many volunteers and sponsors who contributed to the success of the event.

jeudi 21 mai 2009

Australia: Treble for Sutton, fourth win for Mills


Local riders came to the fore winning all but one division in the Mudgee Endurance Club's 80 kilometre ride at Cooyal last Sunday.

A massive 130 riders took to the Cooyal course over the weekend with 15 in Saturday's social ride and on Sunday 87 rode in the 80 kilometre ride and 28 in the 40 kilometre training ride.

Middleweight rider Mette Sutton, who will ride in South Africa in July, won the ride for the third consecutive year on "Tuldar The Magician" and also took out the fittest horse award.

Suton said she had to make up ground after being placed 10th at the half way mark.

"In the final leg 'Magic' picked up his pace and rounded up the leaders one by one and was over the line first and still able to pass the fitness tests in great shape.

Garry Bennett continued his recent strong results when he rode "Karabil Yaningi" into second place behind Sutton in the middleweight division.

Gloria Mills won the lightweight division and her mount, "Glendos Sabodie" gave her the double when he was announced the fittest horse in the division.

Mills and 'Sabodie' were also awarded the perpetual trophy for the First Anglo Arab. Mills went into Sunday's ride with three previous wins in the event

The Braithwaite trophy for the first junior was taken out by Ben Hudson and his horse was also the fittest horse in the division, which had six riders.

Other local juniors to finish were Alanna Byrne and Leanne Maynard.

A highlight of the ride was the 2470 kilometres clocked up by the local combination of Bernice King and "Noble Novaar Destiny".

Scott Devonport was the only visiting rider to win a division when he was successful in the heavyweight division.

Club spokesperson Pat Dickinson said that the club was pleased to also have one rider from Perth (Western Australia) and, for the first time a rider from Namibia.

"Unfortunately our visiting international Gawie Viljoen was unlucky on the day when his mount (supplied by Keith, Bev and Mette Sutton) was lame at the end of the first leg and was vetted out," Dickinson said.

"Gawie said that despite the vet out he enjoyed his time at the Cooyal ride.

"The weather was wonderful and we had few problems other than one visiting rider who suffered a fall near check point two, was unconscious for 40 minutes and was taken to hospital.

"The rider was admitted to Mudgee Hospital for overnight observation.

"The club would like to thank Peter Lynch from Botobolar and his crew who assisted after the fall and Keith and Bev Sutton who cared for the rider’s three children and Mette Sutton who ensured the rider was reunited with her children after discharge from hospital."

The Club had many supporters headed by head vet Ray Gooley who reported there no vet outs on heart rate or metabolics, which he said was pleasing.

The Cooyal Progress Association did a great job of preparing the base at the Cooyal Park and on Saturday night catered for more than 100 dinners.

The Cooks Gap and Cooyal fire brigades manned the check points while Hartley Sutton checked the course on a motorcycle prior to the start to ensure all markers were in place.

The next endurance ride in the district is the Gulgong ride on Sunday June 14.

mercredi 20 mai 2009

Great Britain: Reeves finds silver lining at Exmoor - Full Article


ASHBOURNE'S linda Reeves joined riders from across the country at one of the best-known competitions.

The Endurance Riding World’s 009 Golden Horseshoe is held over the challenging terrain of Exmoor in North Devon.

Reeves, who works as a pharmacist, was in action in the Exmoor Stag ride, which covers a stamina sapping 120km over two days.

She completed the tough ride with a silver award, riding the 15.1hh Arab ex-racehorse Faleh, who is now 14.

The pair were on target for a top gold award right until the final vet inspection on day two, when the horse's slightly raised pulse rate cost one vital penalty point.

"Faleh's pulse ride was just two points over the allowed limit," said Reeves, who is a busy mum of three daughters.

"He raced successfully on the flat but was too highly strung, a problem that gradually got worse.

“I've had him for six years now and he can still get excitable at the start of a ride, but we do our best to contain it."

Strong winds, sunshine and moderate temperatures created almost perfect conditions for this year's ride and the high standards of horsemanship to be seen there led to a record number of awards.

"The course was really nice this time and we were lucky with the weather," Reeves added.

"The actual venue site was the windiest it was windy on the coastal paths too, but good conditions meant things weren't as testing as they can be over Exmoor.

“Endurance is such a friendly sport and we were all routing for each other."

Reeves's eldest daughter, 14-year-old Bethany, is following he mum's footsteps in the sport.

"Bethany has reached advanced level on her horse and we may to the national Red Dragon ride in North Wales together later in the year," Reeves added.

"My two other daughters do pony club activities with the Meynell branch."

lundi 11 mai 2009

Australia: 80km ride a success


THE Kiwarrak 'no frills' horse endurance ride held recently at Hillville was yet another great success, with 114 riders from all around the State.

Riders came from as far away as the south coast and from the far west to tackle the 80kms ride, while 74 mostly local riders enjoyed the 20km and 40km rides.

By Saturday morning the normal horse paddocks had turned into a city of trucks and horse floats.

Manning Trail Riders Club again turned out in force, this time many of the previous 20km riders had a go at the 40km ride - with great success.

Lake Macquarie Trail riders Club had some members come down from Tamworth, who all say they are now hooked on endurance.

Port Macquarie Pony Club was well represented, with some decorated ponies enjoying the 20km ride sporting pink ribbons.

The 80km ride was won by Terry Wood, a middleweight rider on 'Tallawarra Spy' in 4hrs 34mins.

First heavyweight rider was Peter Strickland riding 'Bara Park Mingara' in 7hrs 36mins.

Carol Layton won the lightweight division riding 'Omani Mr Squiggle' in 5hrs 32mins.

First junior was Alex Jones riding 'A'Landell Rifle' in 7hrs 3mins, closely followed by 14-year-old local rider Shannen Thorsby from Nabiac riding her beloved horse 'Dan' in 7hrs 44mins.

Shannen was attempting her first ever 80km ride. Shannen and 'Dan', could be champions in the making.

With a lot of hard work by a handful of enthusiastic locals and the support of local business and volunteers, the Kiwarrak endurance horse ride is turning out to be another great event.

"To continue this success we need to get bums in saddles, so let's keep up the good work and keep supporting both this great ride and the two other local rides,'' an organiser said.

For more information on endurance horse riding in NSW visit the NSW ERA web site at

dimanche 10 mai 2009

Australia: Age shall not weary Sadaqa


WORLD-renowned stallion, Chip Chase Sadaqa, is an old-timer but is still one hell of a stud.

An unnamed Middle Eastern sheik’s offer to buy all Sadaqa’s 128 offspring residing at Queensland stud, Toft Endurance, was refused in recent months.

It came as the ageing, Bathurst-born bay stallion was awarded the 2008 World Arabian Horse Organisation (WAHO) Trophy.

The 32-year-and-two-month-old stallion serviced six mares every month this past season, for a tidy sum of 34 in about 24 weeks.

Punching the numbers into a calculator reveals the horse’s owner, Peter Toft, missed out on at least $5.1 million when he knocked back the Arab leader’s offer but it was probably more like double this amount.

Peter loves training endurance horses more than making quick money.

He does not know when the sun will set on the virility of Sadaqa, who will impregnate one mare a month this winter to stay in shape.

Read the full story in this week's The Land.

mercredi 6 mai 2009

USA: Around the World on Horseback

Kamas endurance rider returns from Malaysia

Alisha Self, Of the Record staff
Posted: 05/05/2009

Over the past decade, Beverly Gray has traveled to Spain, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates and, most recently, Malaysia. No, she's not a U.S. ambassador, international businesswoman or employee of National Geographic. Gray is a U.S. Equestrian Team endurance rider and endurance horse trainer, and her career has led her to places that most people only dream of visiting.

Gray moved to Park City in her early twenties, bought a horse and began to participate in Ride and Tie races, which involve teams of two runners and one horse that alternate running and riding the horse. One person rides the horse a mile or so, then he or she ties it to a tree and takes off running while the other person catches up to the horse, unties it and rides past the teammate, and so on.

The races whetted Gray's appetite for endurance events, and during lulls in the Ride and Tie circuit she entered endurance races to keep her horse in shape. Eventually she got hooked and made endurance racing her full-time passion.

Endurance racing has been around the United States for more than 50 years, but its global popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. "It's become one of the fastest-growing equestrian sports in the world," says Gray.

Endurance races range from 25 to more than 100 miles, and can last from a couple of hours to a few days. The primary focus is on the horses' welfare, and veterinarians are present at checkpoints along the way. "They're very strict with the horse, and you have to meet certain criteria including hydration, pulse, respiration and lameness evaluations," Gray explains.

In her 30 years of competing, Gray has entered 287 races, completed more than 16,900 race miles and captured 82 wins. In 2002, she qualified to compete with the United States Equestrian Team at the World Equestrian Games in Spain, and she joined the team again in 2005 in Dubai.

In addition to competing in exotic locations all over the world, Gray also has had the opportunity to ride historic trails in the U.S. including the original Pony Express Trail and some of the Gold Rush routes.

Gray, who moved from Park City to Kamas four years ago, currently owns four Arabian horses, which are preferred for endurance racing because of their natural stamina. "I've had more than one once-in-a-lifetime horse," she says. "They've helped me achieve a lot of my goals."

Last month, Gray returned from Melaka, Malaysia, where she competed in the second annual Melaka Grand Invitational Endurance Race. Melaka is a historic city located about two hours outside of the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Upon arriving in Melaka, Gray met her partner for the 120-kilometer race (approximately 75 miles), an Anglo Arabian gelding from Singapore named Max. The pair joined a pool of competitors from all around Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

She also rubbed shoulders with the King of Malaysia, who is an avid endurance racer. "He's very enthusiastic about endurance racing. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with him," she says. "That was the highlight of the trip."

Although Gray and Max were disqualified at the 80-kilometer checkpoint due to the horse's shoe causing some irritation, Gray is grateful for the opportunity to compete and explore the city of Melaka. "Each phase of the race trail meandered through little villages, dense forests of date palms, rubber trees and vegetation of numerous varieties and fragrances," she wrote in a recount of the trip.

Gray says the sport is something she plans to continue for years to come. "It's a sport for all ages, and the whole family can get involved," she says. Gray's husband helps with the training, and her sister, a local photographer, sometimes tags along to document her adventures.

To read more about Gray's accomplishments and to find out about upcoming races, visit

dimanche 19 avril 2009

Australia: New ride for Cooyal endurance event adds a social element


Due to popular demand a new equestrian event will be added to the Mudgee Endurance Ride program this year, which will be contested in the middle of May.

The new Mudgee Endurance Riders Association Inc (MERA) committee agreed to make a 20km ‘social ride’ for riders who wanted to participate in the event.

It is part of a transformation to the Mudgee Endurance Race because the weekend at the Cooyal Hall grounds is getting popular with riders and spectators every year.

The committee spokesperson Pat Dickinson said the social ride is open to anyone who has a reasonably fit horse, provided the horse is at least three years old.

The Mudgee Endurance Race is on the weekend of May 16 and 17.

Organisers say there will be plenty of awards and trophies on offer for competitors who perform well at the Cooyal Ride.

Start time for the social ride is expected to be from 1.30pm and riders are advised to get to the grounds before 11am because pre-race vetting needs to be carried out on the horses.

Riders competing in the social ride will have to ride for a minimum of two hours with a permitted maximum average speed of 10km per hour.

The course is easy and travels over gravel lanes, back roads and private property with two very short stretchers of tar.

Dickinson says there are no special requirements regarding gear or clothing except that an Australian Standard riding helmet must be worn - no bike helmets.

Entry fee is $20, which includes insurance and day membership.

For more information contact the committee secretary Mette Sutton after hours on 6372 4960.

mercredi 1 avril 2009

Great Britain: I'm a Long Distance Horse Rider


Press Packer Hannah, nine, loves horse riding and takes part in really long races.

Here's her report.

"I have had my New Forest pony, Maisy, for two years but I only started taking part in long races - called endurance riding - a year ago.

This year a big race was held in Milton Keynes city centre and we rode round the parks and bridleways in the city. We even had to ride under a roller coaster and past the concrete cows.

Endurance riding

Endurance riding is when you ride for long distances. I rode 20km, and the most you can do is 37km!

It's not as easy as just going as fast as you can. In my class you are aiming to do the whole course at an average of 10km per hour.

My Mum helps me measure places on the map and we work out the time it should take us to get there at 10km.

When you get back, vets take your ponies' heart rate. If it's over 64 beats per minute you fail the ride! Both the heart rate and speed are used to work out your points.

Any one can do it

Pony Club Endurance is open to any member over the age of eight who has a pony.

Any pony that is ridden a couple of times a week for about an hour can do the shorter rides with no trouble at all. No special equipment is needed.

We've done rides all over the place and camped at some of them which is great fun.

On the longer courses the riders and the ponies have to be cooled down with water so Mum and my brother meet us on the way round making it something everyone joins in with.

New friends

I have made lots of new friends doing endurance and not just in Pony Club. In July we are doing a ride in Windsor right in the Queen's back garden!

Heading off into the countryside on a fast hack having to read a map is really good fun and I would really like lots more children to come and have a go!"

Hannah, 9, London


mardi 31 mars 2009

Endurer local, organiser global

HyppoBlog - À cheval sur l'info.

En matière d’endurance équestre il existe deux sortes de courses. Les petites et les grosses. Pourtant, quelle que soit leur taille, ces épreuves, au-delà de leurs sandwichs au jambon de pays, ont un point commun : l’amateurisme de leur organisation, toujours assurée par des associations aux attributs forcément non lucratifs dont les budgets dépendent de fonds publics plus ou moins locaux (commune, département, région, ministères) et plus ou moins localement spécifiques (CDC, FFE, FEI). Mais en creusant un peu cette lumineuse interprétation du marché de la compétition, une troisième catégorie apparaît aujourd’hui, à la frontière de l’économie et du sport, reconnaissable à une approche professionnelle de l’événement. L’Assisi Endurance Lifestyle, championnat d’Europe 2009 organisé à Assises en Italie comme son nom l’indique, en représente une sorte de fer de lance. Organisée par Havas Sport, fleuron français (et européen) de l’entertainment sportif, l’épreuve s’intègre à tel point dans un dispositif « politique » global qu’il en devient difficile de savoir qui, de la poule ou de l’œuf, s’en trouve à l’origine. En effet, l’événement dépasse à ce point le sport que la course ne couvre qu’une seule des onze journées annoncées (du 17 au 27 septembre) dans le dossier de presse. Un dossier de presse de 42 pages qui à lui seul en dit long sur la volonté de la ville organisatrice. L’endurance, « discipline née aux USA dès la fin des années 40 » « en pleine expansion », y est rapidement présentée au début, et beaucoup en annexe. Le cœur de l’événement se trouve ailleurs – un « forum économique » avec les pays du Golfe Persique, un « colloque culture et religion » entre « voix d’Orient et d’Occident », et toute une série de festivités très éclectiques (une table ronde « Hippothérapie », un symposium vétérinaire, un « Grand Gala de l’Endurance », mais également quelques spectacles à « l’Hospitality Village » et un « Poker Texas Hold’em/Burraco »). Rien sur le jour précis de la course…


mercredi 25 mars 2009

New Zealand: Sophie a natural in the saddle


Benandarah endurance rider Sophie Counsell has plenty of good form on her side as she prepares for the NSW State Enduro Championships in the Boyne and Benendarah State Forests on July 19.

For more local news and photos grab a copy of the Bay Post or Moruya Examiner.

The 15-year-old St Peter’s Anglican College student was the fourth-placed junior rider in the pointscore for the 2008 Enduro Series and first of all the South Coast riders.

She was the first placed junior rider with the best managed horse at the South Coast Championships at Nowra, where she and her horse covered 100km.

Endurance rides involve minimum distances of 80km over difficult bushy terrain such as goat trails and fire trails.

Counsell will compete in the NSW State Championships at Oberon next weekend

As her successes show, Counsell is a natural on a horse, and recently completed her three trick riding course under instructor Heath Harris, who trained riders for films such as the Man From Snowy River and Phar Lap.

In this she has learnt to preform such manoeuvres such as riding while hanging under the horse.

New Zealand: Trail Riding Club looking for volunteers for national champs


The Wairarapa Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding Club are looking for volunteer workers to help with the running of the national championships at Whareama over Easter weekend.

A late decision to host the event after other North Island clubs declined has left the Wairarapa club little time to find the number of people required to assist with organisation.

But spokesperson Jenny Champion is hoping a committee meeting at the Masterton Cosmopolitan Club starting at 7.30pm next Tuesday evening will solve their problems in that respect.

"We are inviting anybody who can help out to come along and we'd like to think we'll get enough support to do the trick," she said.

"There are all sorts of jobs to be done over the three days so we won't be turning anybody down."

Champion is expecting about 150 riders from all over the country to participate in the national championships which will see competitions held over distances of 160km, 120km, 104km, 80km and 40km between April 10 and 12.

And she herself will be centre stage as she looks to defend the 160km title she won at Kurow last year and, before that, at Hawerden in 2006.

On both occasions Champion, from Eketahuna was aboard her now 14-year-old mare Freckles and the partnership will continue at Whareama.

While "more than happy" with Freckles' current fitness and mindset Champion is, however, aware that a hat-trick of national titles won't happen unless she is 100 per cent on the day, and even then the expected high quality of the opposition could see her relegated to a minor placing.

"You can taken nothing for granted over 160kms, everything can be fine when you start off and then turn to custard" she said.

"It's very much down to the day, you can never be too confident".

Champion does believe though that the Whareama course, which will mainly be flat in nature and will involve up to seven different farming properties, will suit Freckles because she is small in size and therefore light on her feet. "She handles the hills OK but the flat is more her go," she said.

Start time for the 160km event is 1am and the participants will be guided through the darkness by fluorescent markers and they will also be aided by the wearing by head lamps.

Champion is not the only Wairarapa rider expected to fare prominently over the 160kms with her partner Shane Dougan, Sheree Brown and Deirdre Bartlett all having good prospects as well.

mardi 24 mars 2009

Great Britain: Pony Club Endurance

The Pony Club launched Endurance riding, as an official Pony Club discipline, on March 22nd in Milton Keynes Campbell Park courtesy of the Milton Keynes Parks Trust. The Park, along with some lovely weather, proved a perfect setting with its mix open countryside and special features; although the concrete cows proved slightly less popular with some of the equines in attendance!

The competition had a full entry of over 50 competitors, with Pony Club Members taking part in four, 10, 23, 27 and 37km Endurance rides running throughout the day. The launch was kindly run and hosted by the local Whaddon Chase Pony Club Branch, who ran a seamless competition with some special touches that included a very artistic cake to celebrate both The Pony Clubs 80th Anniversary and the Endurance launch.

Pony Club Endurance is generously supported by new sponsor Carr & Day & Martin and Nicola Slater, Technical Advisor for Carr & Day & Martin, was on hand throughout the day supplying riders with goody bags and the winners with some very smart polo shirts too!

Cherry Michell, Chairman of The Pony Club, was delighted with the launch and commented that “Coming here today has only cemented my feeling that Endurance being a part of The Pony Club is the right decision. We have riders and ponies of all abilities, having a brilliant time and getting out in the countryside, which can only be a good thing”.

It is planned that Pony Club Endurance events will be run around the country in 2009, culminating in the Pony Club Endurance Championship on September 20th at The College EC, Bedfordshire.
For further details about Pony Club Endurance, or Pony Club Tests, activities and Membership see the website or contact 02476 698300

Great Britain: The Pony Club Endurance Enjoys Fantastic Launch

23 March 2009

The Pony Club launched Endurance riding, as an official Pony Club discipline, on March 22nd in Milton Keynes Campbell Park courtesy of the Milton Keynes Parks Trust. The Park, along with some lovely weather, proved a perfect setting with its mix open countryside and special features; although the concrete cows proved slightly less popular with some of the equines in attendance!

The competition had a full entry of over 50 competitors, with Pony Club Members taking part in four, 10, 23, 27 and 37km Endurance rides running throughout the day. The launch was kindly run and hosted by the local Whaddon Chase Pony Club Branch, who ran a seamless competition with some special touches that included a very artistic cake to celebrate both The Pony Clubs 80th Anniversary and the Endurance launch.

Pony Club Endurance is generously supported by new sponsor Carr & Day & Martin and Nicola Slater, Technical Advisor for Carr & Day & Martin, was on hand throughout the day supplying riders with goody bags and the winners with some very smart polo shirts too!

Cherry Michell, Chairman of The Pony Club, was delighted with the launch and commented that “Coming here today has only cemented my feeling that Endurance being a part of The Pony Club is the right decision. We have riders and ponies of all abilities, having a brilliant time and getting out in the countryside, which can only be a good thing”.

It is planned that Pony Club Endurance events will be run around the country in 2009, culminating in the Pony Club Endurance Championship on September 20th at The College EC, Bedfordshire.

For further details about Pony Club Endurance, or Pony Club Tests, activities and Membership see the website or contact 02476 698300

mercredi 18 mars 2009

Archéologie de l’endurance

À cheval sur l'info.
Archéologie de l’endurance

Je me souviens avant c’était pas pareil… Sauf en équitation. Je viens de recevoir, d’un camarade nouvellement archiviste, une série d’articles de 1928, ma grand-mère suçait son pouce, relatant la seconde édition du Raid Paris-La Baule. Le paléolithique de la CEI***. Mais à l’époque de cette préhistoire-là, les hommes, tous militaires, et pas une femme dans l’armée, ressemblaient étrangement aux cavaliers d’aujourd’hui – pantalon Stud One en moins. Pour bien ressentir les similitudes troublantes entre nos ancêtres à particule et nous-mêmes, je me suis amusé (à vrai dire j’ai transpiré mais je préfère oublier) à reconstituer la course, mais surtout à mettre en lumière les points communs de l’endurance moderne avec ces temps de ténèbres où l’on montait en costume-cravache. C’est parti pour les morceaux choisis.


Great Britain: EponaShoe sponsors endurance rider
By Justine Thompson
Gear news
17 March 2009 17:04

EponaShoe (UK) is to sponsor GB Endurance senior squad member Rachael Claridge, with her horse Blue Chip Prince Meliodas, for the 2009 season.

EponaShoes are popular with endurance riders in the USA, and the sport in the UK is also becoming interested in them.

EponaShoes are lightweight, with shock absorbing properties similar to hoof keratin, so reducing concussion and wear and tear on hooves and joints.

By also supporting the frog and sole, the hoof is allowed to function much like a barefoot, but with the protection of a shoe, thus producing a healthier, higher performance foot.

This also means that the horse is able to move with more naturally efficient biomechanics, all of which becomes critical in any high performance sports horse.

Rachael has represented Team GB at young rider and senior level since 1997. She is currently preparing for the 2009 European Championships and 2010 World Equestrian Games with ‘Mel’, and has a busy training and competition schedule ahead.

She said: “The health and performance of Mel’s feet are crucial to our success. He feels exceptionally sure-footed over all terrain and I feel confident that the EponaShoes are giving him the support and protection he requires to perform.

The concussion-reducing properties of the shoes mean that I also worry less about associated joint problems.”


Great Britain: Join the Great Rescue Ride

17 March 2009 10:17

Equine charity HorseWorld is asking riders to join an exciting ride across the Wiltshire countryside to raise funds for ill-treated and neglected horses.

He charity has teamed up with Endurance GB, The Competitive Long Distance Horse Riding Society for England and Wales, which is to run the sponsored ride. Both organizations and will be working together to get riders to join in this fun and worthwhile cause.

The 'Great Rescue Ride' takes place on Saturday July 25 as part of Endurance GB Wessex Group’s 'Tally Ho' weekend and promises to be an exciting and enjoyable ride for everyone.

Pip Eyles, Fundraising Assistant at HorseWorld, says: “We are very grateful to EGB for running this ride on our behalf and for their great support.”

“We would like to invite riders to join us for this special 15-mile pleasure ride in Kingston Deverill, Warminster, Wiltshire, and help make a difference. By taking part you will be able to get a great idea of how challenging and enjoyable Endurance Riding can be, and you will also be helping to change the lives of hundreds of horses and ponies in need.”

HorseWorld is dedicated to rescuing neglected and mistreated horses and ponies, nursing them back to health before seeking long-term loan homes for every animal. The Bristol-based Charity is responsible for approximately 140 equines at HorseWorld’s centre and 350 in loan homes across the country.

Emma Miller from the EGB Wessex Group explained: “we are so pleased to be able to support the work of HorseWorld and sponsorship generated by the ride will be used to improve the quality of life for so many horses and ponies. We would therefore encourage all riders to take part.”

Entry Forms can be obtained from contact Emma Miller at Endurance GB, telephone 01749 812210 or email, together with further details about sponsorship of your ride.

You can also contact Pip Eyles in the HorseWorld Fundraising Team on 01275 893034 to find out further information about the Great Rescue Ride.

vendredi 13 mars 2009

France CEN and FEI Qualification rulings

Portail Endurance - Original posting in French

(the following is a translation from French to English using Google translation tools:)

Some words to keep you informed of developments in the transitional post-meeting held in the FFE and Deauville in early March.

The meeting organized by Dominique Faye in the presence of Ian Williams, at the FFE has achieved equivalency between CEN 2008 and IEC 2009. To be more clear, and knowing that the riders' skills are acquired in life, we obtained that:
- The qualifications in 2008, for CEN over distances ranging from 90 km to 109 km speed free, are now equivalent to the qualifications of the course said "novice" as defined in Regulation transitoire2009. This equivalence can participate in organized CEI1 * this year.
However this provision is very little English: indeed, when they qualify Amateur or Pro 1 GP (90 km free speed) the French riders have participated in at least three tests at imposed speed, one of them is an ordeal Amateur or Pro 1 (90 km speed required). However, these conditions alone are already sufficient for a CEI1 *, as the transitional 2009.
- The skills practiced in 2008 on CEN to a distance of 110 km or more, free speed, become equivalent to a qualification test on a CEI1 * Transitional Regulation 2009 and to participate in competitions CEI2 * this year.
In summary a qualification on a CEN2 * or * CEN3, acquired in 2007 or 2008, will participate in a CEI2 * in 2009.

In Deauville, on 9 and 10 March, ahead of the 40 representatives of Nations Group 1 and 2 of the FEI, in the presence of Alex McLin, Secretary General of the FEI and David Holmes, Director of Sports of the FEI, I held a conference on the challenges of the new FEI rules and the transitional 2009. I highlighted the difficulties created by the application of transitional rules for particular qualifications.
Some points in this transitional place indeed at odds with many European countries, especially those who manage their tour officially endurance within the federation through a system of progressive qualifications.
If the recognition and the level of equivalence of CEN 2008 and IEC 2009 have reached a consensus, as was the case during the previous meeting in the FFE, it has not been the same for the recognition of equivalence tests CEI2 * 119 km of 2008 with tests CEI2 * 2009. If one refers to the settlement therefore transitional as it exists, it is necessary for horses qualified CEI2 * two years to qualify at the same level in 2009.

It should be noted that apart from France and brilliant Dominique Faye, and apart from Belgium and the clear and powerful of its secretary general, no representative of the countries concerned by the negative effects of regulation on transitional 'career development of horses and riders during qualifying, took part in the debate.

The presidents of the two groups eventually joined forces to request that the complaint stated by the speakers, and tacitly approved by all, can find a favorable outcome, but fails to the credibility of the FEI. David Holmes is then intervened to explain that it was difficult to change the rules at this stage. The President of the Group 2 spokesman groups involved, concluded by proposing to put this issue on the agenda of the next FEI office provided at the end of March to find a solution, in the interest.

I hope this brought to your knowledge have the merit to shed light on the current situation and you will wait in the stillness of the findings of the FEI office at the end of this month.

jeudi 12 mars 2009

Great Britain: Tested staying power
11 March 2009

Riding on Dartmoor, particularly the colder northern side, can often be a daunting prospect, especially at the end of February. Despite a thick mist and chilly drizzle 30 endurance riders set off from Okehampton camp for a 14 mile training ride.

Due to the fog they had to ride from marker flag to marker flag.

Fortunately for the horses and their riders, the cloud began to lift as they rode down the steep hill to Meldon reservoir and by the time they had dismounted to cross the dam on foot and were heading along the bridleway towards Sourton Down, the visibility improved. By the time, the last riders had reached Higher Nodden, the last of the cloud had lifted.

Despite the conditions, all the riders competed the 14 mile route, including several new members.

One of these was Val Jones from Feniton, near Honiton, riding her ex-racehorse mare, Flying Artist pictured below.

The first competitive endurance ride of the season in the south west will be the Wadebridge Ride on Sunday, March 22, which includes a 20 mile Pleasure Ride.

vendredi 20 février 2009

France requests change to 2008->2009 Transitional Measures

The French Federation urgently requests that the FEI reconsider it's refusal to accept modifications of the current qualification transitional measures. The Federation requests that all Star/Distance qualifications achieved under the 2008 qualification rules be accepted, for all 2009 competitions as though they had been achieved under the 2009 Star qualification rules. Without this change, it is estimated that 1500-2000 french horses will otherwise not be qualified for 2009 **/*** events.

Read more (PDF)

jeudi 12 février 2009

Andalucia TV


informarte que Andalucia TV va a emitir por satélite el resumen el III Raid Kaliber Tierras de al-andalus 2008.
Las fechas de emision son las siguientes:

· Domingo 15 de febrero a las 15:45 h.
· Miércoles 18 de febrero a las 18:25 h.
· Jueves 19 de febrero a las 00:15 h.
· Domingo 22 de febrero a las 01:15 h.


Informr you that Andalusia TV is going to emit by satellite the summary of the III Raid Kaliber Tierras de al-Andalus 2008.
The dates of emission are (spanish time):

• Sunday 15 of February at 15:45 h.
• Wednesday 18 of February at 18:25 h.
• Thursday 19 of February at 00:15 h.
• Sunday 22 of February at 01:15 h.


informe qu'Andalousie TV va emettre par satellite le resume l' III Raid Kaliber Tierras de al-Andalus de 2008.
Les dates d'emission sont:

• Dimanche 15 de février à le 15:45 h.
• Mercredi 18 de février à le 18:25 h.
• Jeudi 19 de février à le 00:15 h.
• Dimanche 22 de février à le 01:15 h.

Inés de Albert

jeudi 5 février 2009

A Week in the saddle in Bulgaria


The countryside, food and camaraderie of a riding holiday more than makes up for aching muscles, says Kathy Carter

If the thought of a horse riding, culture and wine trail in Eastern Europe conjures up images of steeds with flowing manes, traditionally-dressed bagpipe players and homemade wine and moussaka, you've come to the right place.

Not knowing quite what to expect, I signed up for a week-long, 300km ride across some of Europe’s most beautiful terrain in Bulgaria. My cultural awakening began when our Bulgarian host, Mitko Koevski, collected our group of five riders from Sofia airport and took us to the village of Trigrad, where we would spend our first night in one of several guest houses.

Aside from myself, there were two teachers, Charlotte and Claire, Danni, a travel consultant, and Thea, a medical researcher and former doctor.

Strangers at first, like many people who book riding holidays, we soon bonded en route from Sofia, when we stopped at the Devil’s Throat Cave at Trigrad Gorge. Here, surrounded by natural rock face and chirruping bats, we climbed almost 300 steps from the 300,000-year-old pass where the Greek King Orpheus visited the Underworld in search of his beloved maiden, Eurydice.

Our culture induction continued afterwards at the adjoining café, with Ariana beers all round and a melding of the red-blooded Bulgarian male’s favourite music - 80’s soft rock and traditional kaba-gaida music - the latter produced from a white bagpipe made from the skin of a goat.

When our excited group climbed into our military-style saddles the next day, 185 miles of riding stretched ahead of us, yet I don’t think anyone was equating that to distance in real terms. Riding from Trigrad up to the 1,600-metre Videnitsa peak on the first day, our cross-bred horses negotiated endless rocky paths and cantered up steep hills, as we felt the first pangs of discomfort in our muscles.

Despite all of us being experienced riders, naively, none of us had put in any real training for the trip, so our bodies were feeling the strain. We swapped pain relief advice (Ibruprofen and Biofreeze gel being my personal recommendations) and diligently stretched yoga-style before mounting... at least when we remembered.

My mount, Nachim, had perfect manners, a comfortable gait and a super-soft mouth, and certainly made riding for over six hours a day a pleasure.

But what of the culture element? We were lucky enough to stay overnight in a renovated monastery in the village of Teshovo, and also visited several Orthodox churches – my favourite being in Dolen, a rustic, traditional village looking much as it would have done hundreds of years ago.

That night, our culture intake was boosted further by a bonfire-side party on the edge of the horses’ fields, where locals treated us to Bulgarian songs and kaba-gaida playing, and we stayed in a newly refurbished, 200-year-old house. A welcome treat was the friendly cow on the ground floor, who produced fresh milk for breakfast.

The diverse scenery in Bulgaria was unexpected. Despite this being my third visit, seeing a location on horseback affords one some spectacular views that normal modes of transport could not reach. Our trek took us through agricultural countryside, rolling hills and pretty meadows, along cavernous mountain paths with incredible, canyon-like formations, and even briefly over the Greek border. As the week progressed, the riding became faster, with plenty of long canters and exhilarating, fast gallops.

The culmination of this fabulous ride was an overnight stay in Melnik, a small town in the southwest region of the Pirin Mountains. Populated with taverns and cobbled streets, Melnik is famed for its wine, so with the riding element completed, we guzzled the local sauce to our heart’s content. It was the perfect moment to re-live the earth-shatteringly long, but exhilarating rides, the camaraderie of riding with a group of new friends, and the cheese-heavy, delicious evening meals.

Need to know

I can thoroughly recommend this "point to point" trip to experienced riders, although I would advise gaining a good level of riding fitness first – our longest day in the saddle was nearly nine hours, although most days are shorter. The horses were amazing, the guides were knowledgeable and friendly, and the trip was so well organised by hosts Unicorn Trails.

Unicorn Trails’ Melnik Culture and Wine Trail costs £1,005 per person for one week. All accommodation and meals, starting with dinner the first night and ending with breakfast the last day, plus water with meals, transfers and all riding, are included. Wine-tasting, sightseeing excursions and flights are excluded.

mercredi 28 janvier 2009

Tierras de al-Andalus inscription discount

Ya te puedes inscribir en el IV Raid Kaliber Tierras de al-Andalus. Hazlo en recuerda que si te apuntas y pagas antes de 28 de febrero tienes un 10% de descuento.

Tu te peux déjà inscrire dans le IV Raid Kaliber Tierras de al-Andalus. dans rappelle que si tu te signales et payes avant 28 février tu as 10% de remise.

You can already do your inscription in IV the Raid Kaliber Tierras de al-Andalus. Do it in remembers that if you inscribe and pay before 28 of February you have a 10% of discount.

mardi 27 janvier 2009

Festival International d'Endurance du PILAT

Cher(e) Ami(e)

L'association Cheval Endurance France souhaite a tous les cavaliers, organisateurs et ami(e)s de l'endurance,une tres bonne annee 2009
et profite de cette occasion pour vous informer que l'epreuve de Saint Galmier sera deplacee pour 2009 et va devenir le Festival
International d'Endurance du PILAT avec une CEI* (85 a 100kms, nouvelle reglementation FEI) et une CEI** (2 x 75kms) du 10 au 14 juillet
Par manque de soutien de la FFE dans l'attribution d'evenements majeurs de la discipline en autre championnat de France, la nouvelle
municipalite de Saint Galmier ne souhaite pas reconduire son soutien pour des evenements de moindre notoriete.
Malgre ces contre-temps forts prejudiciables a notre discipline, l'association Cheval Endurance France repond encore present pour
l'organisation d'epreuves d'endurance equestre.
Des informations complementaires vous serons prochainement communiquees.
Le President

vendredi 23 janvier 2009

2009 Raid Yvelines

Janvier 2009
Une année en Marguerite…
Course de sélection pour les Jeux Équestres Mondiaux en 2006, pour le
Championnat d’Europe en 2007, pour le Championnat du Monde en 2008,
l’édition 2009 de « Rambouillet » se fixe un nouvel objectif : s’ouvrir à davantage
de cavaliers en organisant deux courses (120 et 160 Km). Deux courses
chronométrées par ATRM, dessinées sur un parcours « en marguerite » depuis
l’hippodrome, dont une boucle en plaine. L’équipe organisatrice d’Enduro-Cheval,
qui propose par ailleurs des épreuves nationales et régionales, se concentrera
également sur la qualité, déjà largement reconnue, des terrains à parcourir…
En attendant, l’équipe Enduro-Cheval souhaite à tous les cavaliers,
professionnels ou non, mais toujours amateurs, une excellente année 2009.
Alban Llorca, Président de l’association Enduro-Cheval
Édition 2009
6 Juin : CEI** Raid Yvelines
7 Juin : CEI*** Raid Yvelines
Gilles et Caroline Cabardos
Association pour la promotion de l’endurance équestre

jeudi 8 janvier 2009

Australia: Microchipping

Australian Endurance Riders Association

At the recent AERA meeting the following motion was passed:

That as from 1st January 2010, all horses qualifying to endurance status must be microchipped to be eligible to compete.

The AERA Veterinary Panel made recommendations to AERA to have all horses microchipped, novice and endurance, including horses currently competing.

The AERA would like to encourage members to have all their horses microchipped irrespective of their status.

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