samedi 22 mai 2010

Golden Girls - Nicky Moffat - Full Article

Horse&Rider’s Editor, Nicky Moffatt swaps 20-metre circles for 25-mile ones, as she tackles the celebrity/media ride at this year’s Golden Horseshoe Ride on Exmoor

Rewind to May 2009. I'm in a marquee in the middle of Exmoor, presenting the awards at the Golden Horseshoe Ride. Suddenly, in passing, the PR guy for the ride, Peter Jeffrey says, ‘we could get you a horse to do the ride on next year if you like?'. Without really giving it much thought I replied ‘Oh yes that would be great fun!', and to be honest I went home and didn't really give it much more thought. You know how these things get mentioned and then you never hear another word about it, well that's how it seemed in this case. That was until earlier this year, when I was informed that not only had they (the organisers Barbara Wigley and her daughter Nic) found me a great horse to ride around the course in 2010, but they'd set up a celebrity/media class! ‘Editors from well-known equestrian magazines or websites are going to pair up with top endurance riders and tackle a 25-mile course on Exmoor on the last day of the Golden Horseshoe Ride,' they informed me, and that included me.

So training began...

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