lundi 31 mars 2008

Baquerizo Leads after Phase 3 of Al-Andalus


Riding across Andalucía

2008 Horses and Riders have completed day 3 of the 8 day race across Spain. Jose Anto Calderon Baquerizo riding Campanera have achieved a 34 minuite lead in the Binomios division, while Francisco Domiguez Calle/Espia and Juan Carlos Domingues Calle/Humpry hold a 36 minute lead in the Equipos division.

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2008 Tierras de Al-Andalus in Spain

photo: D. Francisco López Maeso (Paco) and Red Express at 2007 Tierras de Al-Andalus

Riding across Andalucía

In 2007 - they treked east to west. This year, it will be west to east, starting in Seville. The first two days will take riders towards the Atlantic coast where they will follow the coastline to the south. They will then turn inland toward the north and west and ride across central Andalucía. Steph will be riding and Merri will follow along to document and share in this fantastic experience: ten days traversing Spain's southern province of Andalucia as guests of the 2008 Tierras de Al-Andalus!

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mardi 18 mars 2008

Belgium: HELCHTEREN 3/16

Beaucoup de participants pour cette première course de le saison dans le Nord de la Belgique, entre Hasselt et Genk. L'épreuve était organisée dans la zone du camp militaire. De très jolis paysages de landes, herbes jaunes, bouleaux et bruyères. Quelques étangs ponctuaient ce parcours et auraient pu inviter à flaner quand la pluie n'était pas de la partie.




Many participants for this first race of the season in the north of Belgium, between the cities of Hasselt and Genk. The event was organized in the area of the military camp. Very beautiful landscapes: moors, yellow grass, heather. Some ponds punctuated the trail where it would have been nice to stop and watch the birds and the ducks.
At times, a beautiful light for the photos, further accentuated by the dry yellow grass.

dimanche 16 mars 2008

Nordic-Baltic Endurance Championship 2008

Nordic-Baltic Endurance Championship 2008

Nordic-Baltic Championships, Endurance CEI3* and CEIJYR 3* in Jämijärvi, Finland 23-25.5.2008

CEI 3* 125 km Nordic/Baltic Championship (Art. 128,129,130,833)
For the Nordic/Baltic Championships the following countries are invited:Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Denmark.Best riders/teams from these countries will be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze medals in Nordic/Baltic Championships 2008

CEIJYR 3* 125 km Nordic/Baltic Championship (Art. 128,129,130,833)
Open for Juniors and Young Riders For the Nordic/Baltic Championships the following countries are invited: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. Best riders from these countries will be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze medals in Nordic/Baltic Championships 2008

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les Ardennes Belges à Mont Le Soie

Les organisateurs du premier CEIO de la saison vous invitent à venir
découvrir les Ardennes Belges à Mont Le Soie, à quelques 20kms du circuit
automobile de Spa-Francorchamps. website

France to display its expertise at Dubai horse fair

The International Horse Fair to be held in Dubai from 20 to 22 March 2008 will feature a French pavilion, managed by UBIFRANCE, welcoming a dozen French businesses as representatives of the horse industry.

France undeniably has important assets in this market, with approximately 1 million equids, including 350,000 as stock, 200,000 horses used for racing or competition, and 250,000 horses for recreational purposes.

The French sector boasts excellent expertise in the fields of genetics, breeding and training.

The Selle Français and Anglo-Arabian breeds stand out in Olympic sports and perform very well in the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) and the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses (WBFSH) rankings of the best studbooks in the world for the year 2007.

The Selle Français is in second place of the year's rankings for show jumping, as well as for the three-day event where it is just ahead of the Anglo-Arabian, which ranks third.

The English Thoroughbred makes the French offering's reputation overseas. In 2007, all of the industry's professionals were awarded prizes. National training crowned the best horse in the world according to ratings (handicap value).

French breeding, on the other hand, elected the two best European fillies in their categories (2 years, and 3 years and over).

French breeding also shone in the international performance arena, with Group 1 race victories in the United States, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. On the occasion of the Dubai World Cup 2008, French breeding will be represented by several of its products.

The Arabian Thoroughbred is accumulating achievements in both flat and endurance racing. On the international racecourses in 2007, French breeders reaped fifteen of the nineteen Group 1 PA races run in France, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

The French endurance teams held top positions in individual and team rankings in international championships, alongside UAE horsemen, also very skilled at riding French horses.

Horses hold great promise for the future in the area of recreation, as a source of business, jobs and vitality in agricultural and non-agricultural areas alike.

The French businesses on display at the France pavilion invite you to come and meet them in Hall 4 of the Dubai World Trade Centre.

French government-run enterprise Les Haras Nationaux (national stud farms) and horse breeding and trade professional organisations, represented by UNIC (Union Nationale Interprofessionnelle du Cheval), will be among the exhibitors.

The industry's businesses will present their innovations in feed, hygiene, horse health and nutrition, reproduction techniques, transport, farriery, events, and more.

Artists will display their works, paintings, drawings and porcelain, all centring around a shared passion: the horse.

samedi 15 mars 2008

Shaikh Hamdan races to victory in Bahrain

DUBAI Crown Prince Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum was crowned champion of the senior race and compatriot Rashid Al Belooshi won the junior race in His Majesty King Hamad Endurance Horseride Championship yesterday.

The event, which was held at the Bahrain International Endurance Horseride Village in Sakhir, saw top riders from Bahrain and other GCC countries compete in both the senior and junior races which were over 120km each.

Each race was divided into five stages with 30km for the first two stages, 25km for the third, 20km for the fourth and 15km for the fifth.

It was the UAE riders who dominated both races and took the top four positions in the senior race besides a first-place finish in the junior race. Shaikh Hamdan, son of the UAE vice-president and Dubai ruler Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, steered Wadhnan to victory with a total ride time of four hours, 57 minutes and 51 seconds.

Behind him was compatriot Omair Al Belooshi in 4:57:53 with Mohammed Al Saboosi, also of the UAE, third in 5:09:33. Mohammed Al Mahlasi (5:09:53) of Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Team came fourth and UAE's Shaikh Majid bin Mohammed Al Maktoum (5:10:38) fifth.

Bahrain's best result in the senior race was achieved by Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa who finished sixth overall riding Omsura Asrohn in 5:13:19.

In the junior race, Rashid came on top with Shaikha Najla bint Salman Al Khalifa of Ahmed Al Fateh Stable in second place and Abdulla Al Khatry of Al Asayel Stable third.

The top 10 riders in each race were honoured at the prize-giving ceremony held right after the races. The prizes were presented by His Majesty King Hamad and representatives of the three companies which sponsored the event.

The sponsoring companies were Al Areen Holding Company, Gulf Holding Company and International Bank.

Shaikh Hamdan was presented with the event's top prize of a vehicle worth BD16,000 and a special sword which was presented by His Majesty. An award of BD7,000 was presented to the runner-up, BD6,000 for third place, BD5,000 for fourth and BD4,000 for fifth.

The remaining five riders were also honoured with six place winning BD3,000, BD2,500 for seventh, BD2,000 for eighth, BD1,500 for ninth and BD1,000 for 10th place.

Rashid claimed the junior race cash award of BD6,000 while the runner-up received BD5,000.

The third-place winner was given BD4,000, BD3,000 for fourth place, BD2,500 for fifth, BD2,000 for sixth, BD1,500 for seventh, BD1,000 for eighth, BD800 for ninth and BD600 for 10th.

The event was also attended by the Crown Prince and Supreme Council for Youth and Sports President Shaikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Commander of the National Guard Shaikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa and senior Breef officials.

vendredi 14 mars 2008

OMEGA supports Endurance Cup

11 January 2008
Khaleej Times

DUBAI — The prestigious Swiss watchmaker OMEGA announced its partnership with the Dubai Equestrian Club as 4-year sponsor of the His Highness Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Cup Endurance Race, which will take place at the Dubai Endurance City under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, on January 12, a Press release said.

"Endurance horse racing is a sport that demands perseverance, dedication and a great deal of understanding between the horse and its rider," said Nayla Hayek, member of the Swatch Group Management Board of Directors. "OMEGA appreciates and thrives on such qualities through creating watches that are assembled with extreme devotion and built to last," she added.

Endurance is a relatively young sport but one that is exceedingly challenging for the competitors, their steeds as well as the timekeepers due to the distances involved. The 160km race requires the horses to be checked by veterinarians at numerous intervals along the way before being allowed to continue. Competitors' times must be clocked at the different gates and a complete overview of time maintained throughout the race which can last well over 10 hours.

mardi 11 mars 2008

La Musique du Galop - Full Article

La Musique du Galop

Notes de Anne Caumont, traduction Léonard Liesens

Avec le décès de Pierre Cazes durant l'été 2005, l'endurance internationale a perdu son Maître, il ne faut pas avoir peur de le dire. Ce texte qui a été compilé par Anne Caumont en 1998 après un stage animé par Pierre Cazes, n'a peut-être pas été assez lu et médité par ceux qui aiment cette discipline. J'aime beaucoup cette expression de la "musique du galop". Tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de faire corps avec un cheval capable de produire cette musique va comprendre. J'ai essayé de traduire - vite - en anglais ce témoignage. Que mes amis anglophones me pardonne les fautes d'expression.

With the loss of Pierre Cazes during the summer of 2005, the international endurance community lost his Master. We should not be shy to say that. The following text has been written by Anne Caumont while attending a clinic ran by Pierre in 1998. This text hasn't been read enough by international riders. Cazes invented during the Toulouse group meeting the expression "To finish first is to win" which demonstrates his cold humour sense. Another expression used in this text is "The music of Canter". I tried to quickly translate this report to English. So do not kill the messenger…

Léonard Liesens

A peine rentrée du stage d'endurance proposé par le CNREE à Gérardmer en cette fin Août, je prends la plume (électronique, rassurez-vous), pour vous faire profiter des enseignements de Pierre Cazes. Point ne devrait être besoin de présenter l'entraîneur de l'équipe de France d'endurance, mais soyons lucides, malgré un développement spectaculaire, l'endurance est loin d'être aussi médiatisée que l'obstacle, lui-même loin derrière le football. Pierre Cazes, donc, a amené l'équipe de France au plus haut niveau mondial avec deux médailles d'or par équipe obtenues haut la main et un certain nombre en individuel, ce qui devrait suffire à vous convaincre de la pertinence de ses propos.

I'm just back from a clinic which was given by Pierre Cazes at Gerardmer (East of France) end august and I'm now busy at my keyboard to try to share his thoughts with you. No need to introduce the national trainer of the French Team, but let's be neutral anyway. Endurance is not known like jumping, not to speak about football. Pierre Cazes brought the French Team several times at the highest level with several team gold medals and individual medals. His words are so clear and pertinent.


samedi 8 mars 2008

New strangles blood test is now available

H&H news desk

7 March, 2008

Horse owners have a significant new weapon against strangles — a diagnostic blood test that became available on 1 March. An effective vaccination for the disease is expected soon.

Jan Wade of the Animal Health Trust (AHT) which, with the British Horse Society (BHS) launched the Breaking the Strangles Hold campaign in February last year, said: "The test will identify the two specific antigens present in the blood of infected horses as little as two weeks after exposure to the disease.

"We also now have a vaccine and it has gone through all the safety testing. We just have to complete the efficacy testing which normally takes around six months. We are very excited."

A strangles vaccine was lauched by Intervet in November 2004 but deemed not effective enough and withdrawn in January 2007. The AHT has not decided who will market the new vaccine.

The BHS campaign was launched to raise £250,000 to fund research into eradicating the highly infectious disease.

For four years AHT scientists have been analysing the genetic structure of streptococcus equi, the bacterium that causes strangles.

A negative test taken more than two weeks after potential exposure to the disease will indicate, with 95% confidence, that a horse is free from infection. A positive test could also indicate the horse has had strangles, but has fully recovered, or that it is a carrier of the disease, though showing no signs.

Riding in Argentina

4th March 2008

EGB member and British Endurance Team member Beccy Broughton has just returned from a month in Argentina - riding and working with real life gauchos....

It had seemed a remote plan when last summer Daniel Videla had talked about his farm in Argentina and his horses and how would Beccy like to go over in the winter with Fiona Fairhurst and be involved in the Princes Trust Challenge ride for charity. Suddenly it was Christmas and flights were booked, clothing bought and a whole chemist shop raided for a variety of medicines - just in case – were bought. The kit bag was packed – amazingly under weight – and the adventure began.

Riding all day over rugged terrain and over high mountain passes from Argentina to Chile at altitudes of over 4,800 metres Beccy rode over 600kms in 12 days and had many adventures. After the first trek the gauchos were a man down and offered Beccy the opportunity to go on a second trek, this time for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Beccy disappeared back into the mountains whilst Fiona and her mum returned home.
Beccy eventually returned home last weekend and is now busy preparing horses for competition this summer.

For more information about her experiences in Argentina and photos of the treks log in to