vendredi 27 juillet 2007

JPN: Horse.TV Shining Moon Coverage

Horse.TV has completed their report of the first FEI 160k ride in Japan.
Video images of the 2007 Shining Moon 100 are available at the Japanese Horse.TV website.

Short version - including interviews for the top three riders after the ride.

Long version – 30 minutes Horse.TV regular monthly program (July) including other horse related news in Japan and studio interview with Tamotsu Sasaki, the winner of the Shining Moon ride. In Japanese only. You could still enjoy video images from this program.

lundi 23 juillet 2007

FEI Results and Rankings

The World Endurance Results and Global Rankings have been updated! Check to see the current status of all reported CEI events and the world ranking of FEI riders on

vendredi 20 juillet 2007

Scotland: Distance no object in quest for victory

Perthshire article
Jul 20 2007

PERTH Racecourse was the venue for a different kind of equine event when it recently hosted a Scottish Endurance Riding Club (SERC) event with classes distances ranging from a 22km pleasure ride to an 80km endurance ride.

The Tayside branch of SERC was holding its major event of the season and ride organisers Alison Seggie and Kevin Bazley had pulled out all the stops to lay on a fantastic route.

Unfortunately, this summer’s monsoon meant that many of the hill tracks were unusable and at one stage the ride itself looked in jeopardy. With some last minute route changes, the competition went ahead, and four horse and rider combinations set out at 8.30am on the first of three loops.

The sun shone on a route that took riders out and back through the Mansfield Estates. Road crossings were manned by Blairgowrie Riding for Disabled Association.

Lothians rider Pamela Scougall on Vivaldi secured a convincing victory in the 80km class at an average speed 14.55 kph and gain her Gold Thistle Final and Best Condition.

mercredi 18 juillet 2007

Scotland: Neigh bother representing Scotland at horse riding

Forres Gazette

(photo: Preparing to represent Scotland at a national event being held in Swindon are endurance riders from left: Sarah Norris, Diane Michie and Tilly Hepburn-Wright, with their horses: Maddi, Disco and Tenba. The picture was taken by Diane's husband, George Michie.)

By Tanya McLaren
Published: 18 July, 2007

A LOCAL woman is saddling up for a horseback challenge which will she her representing her country in a British event against English, Welsh, Irish and other Scottish riders.

Diane Michie, who runs the Hardmuir Livery Yard just outside Brodie, and her horse Disco, are hoping to do well at the 100-mile endurance riding competition taking place in Swindon during August.

“I am really looking forward to it,” she said. “We were competing last weekend in the Highland Fling competition and Disco did 75 miles in one day. At the Swindon event we will be doing the one hundred miles over two days.”

Diane, who is a member of the Highland branch of the Scottish Endurance Riding Club, is not going to the competition alone as she has been selected to do the challenge along with her club mate, Sarah Norris.

Sarah’s eleven year old daughter, Cawdor Primary School pupil, Tilly Hepburn Wright has also been selected to ride a shorter distance in the junior event.

While Sarah’s horse is a Highland Cross Anglo Arab, Tilly and her mum and daughter are taking their horses, Southolme Blossom and Tenba, which are fell ponies - traditionally quite hardy and native to Britain.

“It is very unusual that three people from Highland have been picked to represent Scotland to start with,” said Diane.

“It is even more unusual that they are not taking Arab horses which usually compete at endurance.”

Her friend, Mandeigh Wells, who keeps her own horses at the Hardmuir yard, said Diane had done extremely well to be selected.

“She’s not good at blowing her own trumpet,” she said, “but it is a major achievement. Its not everyday you get to represent your country in a major competition.”

Diane said she thought she and Sarah, who will be working as a team, stood as good a chance of finishing the event as any of the other competitors. Both are experienced endurance riders and last year Disco came second in the 100 miles, after originally setting out for the 75 miles.

The event is being held over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, August 10 and 11.

There are several watering and sloshing points along the way where Diane’s husband George will be the one man crew making sure that horses and riders are fed and watered, before continuing onto the next stage.

Also taking part from Scotland are riders from the Grampian and Tayside branches of the Scottish Endurance Riding Club.

lundi 16 juillet 2007

Blida - Algérie - Jeux PanAfricains - 16/07


C'est un algérien du Nord qui remporte la médaille d'or sur la course de 2x50kms des Jeux Pan Africains. Kerim Djebli vit en France dans le département du Nord mais il vient souvent concourir en Algérie où il possède des chevaux à l'entraînement. Kerim Djebli montait Boheira, une jument avec laquelle il avait terminé deux nationales en France.
L'Algérie prend aussi la médaille d'or par équipe sur cette compétition.

La sélection nationale algérienne d'équitation a décroché hier à Blida une médaille d'or dans l'épreuve individuelle et une autre par équipe, ainsi qu'une médaille d'argent dans l'épreuve individuelle d'endurance, inscrite pour la première fois aux Jeux africains. L'Algérie a pu réaliser ce résultat, jugé par l'entraîneur et les organisateurs d'"excellent" grâce au cavalier Djabli Karim, montant "Boheira", qui a remporté la médaille d'or dans l'épreuve individuelle. De son côté, Saïdi Abderrahmane, montant "Kalbi", a obtenu la médaille d'argent dans l'épreuve individuelle tandis que la sélection algérienne a récolté par équipe la médaille d'or grâce aux quatre cavaliers : Djebli Karim, Fayed Ahmed, Rabei Mohamed et Bdidi Rafik. La médaille de bronze est revenue dans l'épreuve individuelle au cavalier libyen Khaled Terhoune grâce à son cheval "Feqir". Pour ce qui est du classement par équipe, l'Afrique du Sud a remporté le médaille d'argent alors que la médaille de bronze est revenue à la Libye. Les 21 cavaliers et cavalières d'Afrique du Sud, du Botswana, du Kenya, du Swaziland, de Libye et d'Algérie participants à l'épreuve d'endurance, ont parcouru une distance de 50 km (samedi) et 50 km (dimanche) avec pour point de départ "Maramane" avant de regagner le même point.
R.S. (Source Le Soir d'Algérie)

dimanche 15 juillet 2007

FRA: Champions of France!

Celine Schwart on King Farhoz de Paute achieved the Championship of France on Saturday at the St. Galmier course. They held a steady pace with a group of 8 riders through the day. The final phase of the race saw a speed of greater than 23 km/hr as the 2006 Champion Jack Begaud on Kheopsy du Pilat pushed hard.

Verginie Atger on Kaena and Jean Luc Riou on Lasco du Prat both pushed hard to catch the front runners, competing the 6th phase in 24.51 and 24.76 km/hr respectively, but fell a bit short. a 1 second differential between Begaud and Atger, followed by Riou 10 seconds later decided 2,3,4 in this 164km endurance race!

1 - Celine Schwartz on King Farhoz de Paute
2 - Jack Begaud on Kheopsy du Pilat
3 - Verginie Atger on Kaena

Detailed and overall results of the 54 starters (with 29 competions) from 10 countries maybe found at:

samedi 14 juillet 2007

PanAm: 10 Year Endurance Celibration!

A inglesa Dominique Freeman convida a todos os que competiram nos Jogos Mundiais da

Natureza, em 1997, para um jantar dia 18 de Julho (quarta-feira), na Churrascaria GRAN VILLE. O motivo do jantar é reencontar os amigos que participaram do evento e também comemorar seus 10 anos de competição em provas no Brasil. Dominique Freeman representará a Grã Bretanha no Campeonato Pan Americano & Open de Enduro Eqüestre a ser realizado no próximo dia 20 de Julho, na Fazenda Pau D'Alho, em Campinas.
Dominique Freeman invites all those who competed at the 1997 PanAm to a 10 year reunion celibration on Wed (18July, at Churrascaria GRAN VILLE. Reconnect with old friends over dinner and also celebrate the 10 year aniverary of Endurance in Brasil!

Dominique Freeman will represent Great Britainin the open division of the upcoming 2007 Pan Championship Americano & Open de Enduro Eqüestre to be run on 20July at Fazenda Pau D'Alho, em Campina!

jeudi 12 juillet 2007

FRA: CEI**120km Bahrain Cup Results

The CEI** 129km race has completed. There were 80 starters in the event, with 56 placements at the finish and 24 eliminated during the course of the event. Enora Boulenger, riding Idais Tobiha surged at the to pass Celine Schwartz on Hevenroz de Paulte and finish first. Schwartz nd Isabelle Boyor on Djalba du Barraly had ridden a close race during the first 3 phases of the race, running 1 and 2 for the first 90km.

The race ran the yellow (30km) and green (29km) loops each two times. These phases will also be used during the upcoming 160km National Championship event.

Complete Results on

mardi 10 juillet 2007

FRA : French championship 160 Km CEI***/bahreïn international trophy CEI**

This week, the endurance met in Saint Galmier (France) :
From the 9th to the 15 of July, it will be an equestrian national day celebration !

French championship CEI*** 164 Km;
bahreïn international trophy CEI** 119 K,
The National qualifier for world championship young endurance horses 7&8 years old,
qualifiers SIF 10 km, 20 km and 40 Km,

And driving 20 and 40 Km, French championship for arabian show horses, meeting, gala dinners, An equestrian "rendez-vous" !

Coverage is provided on by Merri Melde and Alice Proust!

samedi 7 juillet 2007

UK : Euston Park CEI***/** Endurance

Near Thetford, in the SouthEast of Great Britain, on the morning of 8 July and Endurance Race began at 6am. 18 Riders from 9 countries starting the three CEI classes. The race was used as a proving point for the UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar endurance squads as they prepare for the upcoming European Endurance Championship in September. 2 riders from Britain, 2 from India, and 3 from France competed the starting field of the 160km race.

HH Sh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa riding Basic Instinct won the day at the 160km distance, followed by the 3 French riders. At the 120km, Mubarak Khalifa Bin Shafya riding Omani Iman was first to finish while in the 120km Young Rider class, Sarah Rogerson and Chantalle prevailed. Complete Results

vendredi 6 juillet 2007

SWE: Onsala Arabians sponsor of Endurance in Sweden

Onsala Arabians are proud to announce that we have become a major sponsor of Endurance Riding in Sweden.

"Onsala Arabians Distans Cup" will (preliminary) be made up of a series of five rides with a total purse of approx 40,000 SEK (€4500).

The preliminary ride schedule is as follows:

April 21
Vedemaritten 80 km

June 2
Rönningeritten 100 km

July 7
Fornabodaritten 120 km

August 18
Billingeritten 80 km

October 6 - FINAL
Tingstäderitten 120 km (Gotland)

Purse (for the total cup)
1st 15.000
2nd 10.000
3rd 6.000
4th 4.000
5th 2.000

Read more about
Endurance in Sweden

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by Alice Proust

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