jeudi 13 décembre 2007

Ice skater turned horse rider gallops to success - Dec 12 2007 - Full Story By Gordon McCully

A former Chorley ice skater has galloped to success in another sport.

Shelby-Jade France (pictured) has just taken the horse riding endurance event by storm.

Shelby Jade used to be an ice skating star until unfortunately her mum Michelle began to suffer from ill health.

Shelby started to ride her mum's horse and this year began competing on him in endurance riding.

Shelby has just taken the endurance world by storm and has just be crowned the Junior Endurance Champion of GB in this, her first season, beating 26 other riders from across the country to take the title.

Points gained from each ride are added together for the championship.

Shelby competes on her mum's horse Streamcross Dakota and rides on average 80k in one day and an average speed of 15kph over varying terrains.

The fitness of the horse and rider is paramount. Shelby is hoping to retain her title next year and will be competing on two horses. Shelby is always supported up and down the country by her mum and dad and brothers Johnathon and Thomas.

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