samedi 8 septembre 2007

Nearing the Finish - It's a Race!!!

Top 5 riders arrived (UAE) - tons of energy. Sh Rashid (#2) 's horse Kevin de Narthou was pulled - telltale head bob - slight but there. Nice show of sportsmanship tho - a smile, 'yes, no problem, thank you' , and a handshake with the vets. Sh Ahmed is still on the trail, the 3rd team member now.

There's quite a bit of excitement for UAE - I'm feeling it too. It's not over yet, but they're doing everything right, and well, and with a high degree of professionalism and sportsmanship.

The top 14 riders are all within 15 minutes of the leaders!!

Merri's taking a few more photos, we'll catch the front runners as they leave and then head back to the main camp for the finish.

A little cooler, slight breeze, less humid -
I just talked to Darolyn - she's still hanging in there. Cheryl's doing great, as is Jan. :)

I have a printout of team standings as of VG 4,

1. UAE 17:0313
2. France 17:39
3. Bahrain 17:50
4. Belgium 17:58
5. Germany 18:06
6. Spain 18:08
7. Portugal 18:30
8. Suisse 19:15
9. GBR 19:17
10. Italie 19:21
11. USA 19:39
12. NED 20:51


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