vendredi 14 septembre 2007

Metabolic Eliminations in Race Results - Why it Matters

I have noticed that there are a few discrepancies in the official FEI results of the recently completed FEI European Endurance Championships. In particular, this images shows a group of riders (the leaders) leaving gate 5 of the race - heading out onto the 6th and last phase of the event. The rider #05 is clearly out of Gate 5 riding toward the finish. The subsequent listing of #05 as pulled for Lameness at gate 5 is clearly erroneous in light of the image referenced above. The evaluation of lameness or metabolic elimination clearly did not occur during the gate 5 hold. This is a small error.

But, the listing of elimination for Lameness or Metabolic in the results of events over the coming 12 months is a very big deal. We now have a stipulation of qualification for the WEC which relates to penalizing riders (and horses) that receive metabolic eliminations from events. I am wondering how the FEI intends to monitor and certify the results of the events which occur in this time frame, as a metabolic elimination now can result in inability to attend the WEC.

The question becomes amplified if, as seems the case, the FEI allows errors to exist in the official results of championship events.


John Teeter

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