dimanche 16 septembre 2007

FRA: Néris. les Bains (FRA)


Camille Bethouart riding ISTINA DE JOUVENCE finished first at the 110km CEI** Néris. les Bains race this week-end. Following closely was Ludovic SAROUL on AMUNICJA and Nicolas TOURNAIRE on MAGUY DE LA PERRIERE.

The Best Condition award was achieved by AYTHYA DE GHAZAL ridden by Olivier BAEYENS with ISTINA DE JOUVENCE judged 2nd and KALIMBA DE MESSEY ridden by Horace PERRAUD BONIN 3rd.

60 teams started the event and there were 22 completions at the event.

You may observe the Detailed Excel Spreadsheet Download and visit the Equestre Auvergne Endurance Website

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