mardi 5 février 2008

Endurance Britain helps Buckinghamshire rescue horses
February 6, 2008

Endurance GB, the governing body for the sport of endurance riding in Great Britain, has donated £1000 to Redwings Horse Sanctuary to support the work that the charity is doing treating horses rescued from Spindles Farm in Amersham.

Following the biggest rescue operation ever mounted by combined charities, there was much discussion on the Forum section of EGB's website, about what members could do to show support for the rescue, and help the charities involved. After discussion at the Management Committee, it was decided that, in accordance with a principal tenet of EGB 'welfare of the horse is paramount' a substantial donation would be the best way to show the concern of EGB members, and would be the quickest way to give tangible help for the horses.

"There were many requests from ride organisers for permission to ask entrants for an extra £1 at rides, to collect for Operation Esther, or permission to run events specifically to raise money for the rescued horses," said John Yeoman, chairman of Endurance GB. "But the management committee felt that a more immediate response was called for, and that is what led us to give this substantial donation."

Operation Esther had its beginning when Horse and Hound online forum member Michelle Mortimer placed a plea on the site for people to give up a luxury and donate that money to the charities concerned.

Operation Esther is named after the youngest donkey rescued from the farm. Esther and her mum Mary were taken to Redwings sanctuary, where she was given her name.

"Everybody involved with Operation Esther and the collection of donations has really taken it to their hearts and we are all very grateful," Michelle said.

"It is brilliant to be able to help the charities who took in not only these equines, but take in rescued horses, ponies and donkeys all year round."

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