vendredi 6 juillet 2007

SWE: Onsala Arabians sponsor of Endurance in Sweden

Onsala Arabians are proud to announce that we have become a major sponsor of Endurance Riding in Sweden.

"Onsala Arabians Distans Cup" will (preliminary) be made up of a series of five rides with a total purse of approx 40,000 SEK (€4500).

The preliminary ride schedule is as follows:

April 21
Vedemaritten 80 km

June 2
Rönningeritten 100 km

July 7
Fornabodaritten 120 km

August 18
Billingeritten 80 km

October 6 - FINAL
Tingstäderitten 120 km (Gotland)

Purse (for the total cup)
1st 15.000
2nd 10.000
3rd 6.000
4th 4.000
5th 2.000

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Endurance in Sweden

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