vendredi 17 octobre 2008

UK: than 40 riders enjoy moor route revival

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FOR members of the South West group of Endurance GB, the recent Brentor Training Ride was the welcome revival of a popular north Dartmoor route.
For the last four years the Brentor Ride was unable to be held, mainly because of the difficulty of marking the route on foot — vehicles of any kind are not allowed onto the moor.
This year, organiser Janet Lander and her team of route markers, provided both a ten-mile route and a 19-mile route for riders to choose from.
Next year, if permission is given, they hope to run a full competitive ride with a vet-gate at Okehampton Camp and classes ranging from ten to 50 miles.
The venue, courtesy of Roger and Erica Young, was also nearer the moor this year, by almost a mile, cutting down the amount of road work.
The 40-plus riders and their horses taking part, were divided almost equally between members and local pleasure riders out enjoying the sunshine of the ‘last day of summer’.
Two members riding were Jan Kane, organiser of the Camelford endurance ride, and Sue Speed, organiser of the Minions Ride.
Sue was taking the opportunity to give her young homebred Arab, Destiny’s Child, the experience of a short ride, in preparation for competing next year.
Jan, whose gelding George II has been competing in 50-mile ERs this summer, was enjoying a relaxed hack for a change.
She said: ‘It’s a glorious ride. We did the longer route, which went out across the main Tavistock road and around White Hill.
‘I am really looking forward to coming back next year and, hopefully, competing over a 50-mile route that will take us right up to Belstone and back.
‘The riding on this side of Dartmoor is mainly over short cropped turf and sandy tracks. It drains quickly in the wet and there is some fast going.’
Thanks were expressed to all who marked the route and provided checkpoints.

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