mercredi 15 octobre 2008

Great Britain: Results from the Area 12 Team Challenge

Endurancediary - Story and Pictures


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This year Pony Club Area 12 held their endurance championships at The College, Keysoe in conjunction with Endurance Great Britain’s competition. Three teams from Whaddon Chase entered with members riding in all the Pony Club classes which range from The Merlin Ride at 9km to the Eagle at 51km. For our extremely novice teams this presented a very real challenge as all the riders were being asked to ride for greater distances and at higher speeds than they had done before.

The day started off very foggy but once it had burned away it was fantastic conditions for long distance riding. Parents crewing for riders along the ride with water were able to sit back and enjoy the sunshine!

Having managed to get everyone though a tough vetting, farrier and tack check, riders set off at their allotted times following the course with a map.


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