samedi 8 mars 2008

Riding in Argentina

4th March 2008

EGB member and British Endurance Team member Beccy Broughton has just returned from a month in Argentina - riding and working with real life gauchos....

It had seemed a remote plan when last summer Daniel Videla had talked about his farm in Argentina and his horses and how would Beccy like to go over in the winter with Fiona Fairhurst and be involved in the Princes Trust Challenge ride for charity. Suddenly it was Christmas and flights were booked, clothing bought and a whole chemist shop raided for a variety of medicines - just in case – were bought. The kit bag was packed – amazingly under weight – and the adventure began.

Riding all day over rugged terrain and over high mountain passes from Argentina to Chile at altitudes of over 4,800 metres Beccy rode over 600kms in 12 days and had many adventures. After the first trek the gauchos were a man down and offered Beccy the opportunity to go on a second trek, this time for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Beccy disappeared back into the mountains whilst Fiona and her mum returned home.
Beccy eventually returned home last weekend and is now busy preparing horses for competition this summer.

For more information about her experiences in Argentina and photos of the treks log in to

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