samedi 24 novembre 2007

Endurance in Warka, Poland

Endurance in Warka, Poland

By: Pawel Krawczyk

Four kabardian horses took part in Endurance Championship of Poland in Warka:

4th place - Tamerlan, rider Hanna Davidzenka, running for Belarus. Average 12,51 km/h. Notable heartbeat, on all gates it was 48-52 with 48 on finish.

5th place - Parit II, rider Alena Kalienkovich, running for Belarus. Average 12,51 km/h. Heartbeat from 56-60 with 56 on finish.

6th place - Bohun, rider Tomasz Tura, running for Poland. Average 11,65 km/h. This horse is quite well known, it's 16-years old anglo-kabardian which took part in many competition in the past. Heartbeat 56-60 with 56 on finish.

8th place - Almaz, rider Richard Zielinski, running for Poland. Average 11,51 km/h. Heartbeat also notable - 44-52 with 48 on finish.

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