vendredi 2 novembre 2007

2007 Les 2 Jours du Quercy CEI*** 100x2

One hundred and thirty horses and riders, one hundred and thirty stories why each and every combination deserves to win this jewel in the crown of French rides.

Only the second running but les 2 jours de Quercy is the one that every endurance rider in France (plus several ambitious 'etrangers') wants to conquer.

Last year the race provided drama from the first moment when Jean Orecchioni, mingling amongst the 140 other competitors, was thrown from his horse Jason de Trigodina. The consequences for Jean were that he broke both his right thigh and right arm and is now held together by a complicated system of rods and screws. Some of which, during the last year, decided to make their own way out of his body and had to be reinserted by surgeons. Jean is back for another try. Although he has kept his horse fit tomorrow morning will be their first mass start since last year. His wife is very nervous. It is easy to spot Jean around here, not just because he is under five foot tall but also because he is 71 years old.

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