mercredi 28 mai 2008

South Africa: This huge Stutterheim 'family' gallops for kicks - Full Story


24 May 2008

EASTERN Cape horse breeders Greg and Maria Miles's farm in Stutterheim is home to 54 family members - 50 of which are horses.

"We love animals and it's exciting breeding horses - it's a big family we have!" said Greg.

His son Robert, 9, and daughter Stephanie, 8, help look after the horses and Maria helps him run their farm, Bare Acres.

"I wouldn�t swop our way of life for anything. It's safe and a good environment for kids," he said.

In 2004, the couple imported the country's first Pintabian mare from Iowa in the United States.

Pintabians are a cross between the Native American coloured pintos and Arabian horses.

Floral Hearts arrived in South Africa pregnant and Raine Heart was the first Pintabian born in South Africa in March 2005.

Raine Heart in turn bore the first South African-bred Pintabian colt named Thunder Heart in February 2006, sired by the Miles's South African Arab stallion, Jelby Taxman.

Floral Hearts added another first by being the first Pintabian in the world to compete in endurance riding at Thomas River near Stutterheim in March last year.


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