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L'Ethologie Appliquée à l'Entraînement des Chevaux

L'Ethologie Appliquée à l'Entraînement des Chevaux

Le Centre EquiProCo en collaboration avec le Laboratoire d'Ethologie
de la Faculté de Médecine Vétérinaire de l'Université de Gand
organise exceptionnellement

STAGE de DEUX JOURS (avec ou sans cheval)

Le stage a lieu le 1 et 2 NOVEMBRE 2007
au Domaine mon Souhait
(à 15 min de Bruxelles).

Cette approche est basée sur la science,
i.e. sur la connaissance du comportement du cheval
et sur les principes de l'apprentissage.

Il ne s'agit pas d''équitation éthologique', de `chuchoteurs'
ou d'autres `nouveaux maîtres'.

Dr Andrew McLean est le fondateur du Centre Comportemental Equin
Australien, possède un doctorat en psychologie de l'entraînement du
cheval, est reconnu comme coach d'équitation depuis plus de 20 ans, a
gagné Gawler CCI***, a concouru en dressage et en CSO au niveau Grand Prix, a représenté l'Australie pour le Trans Tasman Cup,....

Pour tout renseignement EquiProco (asbl-vzw)
c/o Aymeline de Cartier 0475 71 65 44.


Ethology Applied to Horse Training

Dr. Andrew McLean, founder of the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre,
holding a PhD in horse training psychology, accredited
horseriding coach for over 20 years, past winner of the Gawler
CCI***, dressage and showjumping at Grand Prix level having
represented Australia in the Trans Tasman Cup,.... will give a clinic
in Belgium in the outstanding infrastructures of the Domaine
mon Souhait (15 min from Brussels) on the 1st and 2nd of November


This approach rests on science,
i.e. on the knowledge of horse behaviour and learning processes.
It has nothing to do with "horse whispering" or "ethological

This clinic is a joint organisation by the Laboratory of Ethology
from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University and
the organisation EquiProCo.
Pioneering work on horse behaviour has been carried out at Ghent
University by Prof. F.O. Ödberg since nearly 40 years.
The organisation EquiProCo (www.equiproco.be) cares for the treatment
of behavioural problems of horses.
The acting therapist is Aymeline de Cartier (Lic.Psychol. UCL, M.Sc.
in Animal Behaviour & Welfare, Edinburgh University) who
trained at A. McLean's stables and completed her thesis under the
supervision of Prof. Ödberg.

Informations :
Aymeline de Cartier
32 (0)475 71 65 44
info @ equiproco.be

Address :
Domaine mon Souhait
245 chaussée de Nivelles
1420 Braine l'Alleud
Map & Directions :

Price : As participant-rider (with own horse) : 180 EUR
(includes stabling, lunch, lectures, riding lessons and practical
As participant-spectator (without horse) : 70 EUR
(includes lunch, lectures, attendance of riding lessons and practical
Fees are to be paid in advance on the ING bank account of EquiProCo
vzw-asbl 385-0576503-95.
In order to facilitate the organisation payments should be made
before 20/10/2007.

Stabling facilities : Domaine mon Souhait (limited space)

Accomodation :
e.g. Hotel le `1815' opposite the `Lion de Waterloo'
02/ 387 01 60


PROGRAM of the 2-days clinic :

This clinic is excellent value for spectators as Andrew McLean always
teaches to the gallery and welcomes questions.
AM 9:00-13:00 Lecture on Learning Theory (power point presentation)
Group Groundwork (all participants with horses)

13:00-14:00 Lunch

PM 14:00-18:00 Group Riding x 2 riders 1 hour
Group Riding x 2 riders 1 hour
Group Riding x 2 riders 1 hour
Group Riding x 2 riders 1 hour
AM 9:00-12:30 Lecture and Demonstration:
solving of behavioural problems by applying the learning principles
minimisation of the aids
12:30-13:30 Lunch

PM 13:30-17:30 Group Riding x 2 riders 1 hour
Group Riding x 2 riders 1 hour
Group Riding x 2 riders 1 hour
Group Riding x 2 riders 1 hour

Profile Andrew McLean:
PhD (Equine cognition and learning), BSc (zoology), Dip Ed
Andrew McLean developed and manages the Australian Equine Behaviour
Centre (www.aebc.com.au), the most internationally recognised
horse training and behaviour modification centre in Australia.
Andrew McLean holds a PhD in horse training psychology, has been an
accredited horseriding coach for over 20 years and has written
top-selling books and numerous articles. A past winner of the Gawler
CCI***, he has also represented Australia in the Trans Tasman
Cup, competed at state and national events in FEI level dressage and
eventing and has also showjumped to Grand Prix level.
In great demand as a trainer, coach and speaker, Dr McLean currently
lectures at universities and conferences around the world. He
teaches regularly at three UK universities and the Copenhagen
Veterinary School and conducts annual clinics in Belgium and the USA.
He continues to coach riders and train horses, as well as educating
other coaches in correct technique and training practice.
Dr McLean is a member of the International Society of Applied
Ethology, an elite academic group of cognitive ethologists. His
articles have been published in academic journals and textbooks and
he regularly delivers lectures and demonstrations on the
psychology of horses and equitation science.
Recent Career highlights:
Having an instrumental role in hosting the 1St Equitation Science
Symposium which was held at the AEBC in 2005. Annual symposia
throughout the world have followed. Andrew was recently elected
Junior Vice President of the International Society for Equitation
Conducting lectures and demonstrations at Haras de la Cense Expo in
2006 (France) and Equitana 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005.
Delivering a presentation and demonstration at the Global Dressage
Forum in October 2006 for which he was voted second best
presentor to Hubertus Schmidt and subsequently asked to return in
Conducting an interactive presentation at the KNHS (National Training
Centre) in Holland, for 50 top-level trainers on the
application of learning theory to dressage. Part of the demonstration
involved helping Anky resolve a challenging issue with one of
her new acquisitions using learning theory.

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